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Coffee, thigh high boots, or caramel creams the hue will never be more appealing to anyone else.  A familiar mania accompanied by a sweat and discrete demeanor. No righteous fruit, neither jewel of the crown tantalize our expectation of carnal bliss like caramel creams and coffee. I’ve seen many souls bound to candy shops , but before all those thong and g-string wearers had appeal, Caramel Creams were the only caramel delights in that hue.  I’d get smothered in any caramel product thinking of nothing other than never-ceasing  the enjoy of  it. For thee and mine qualities admired, I dare tan myself so you receive amusement. Of your selfsame appeal I dare persuade the mania to persist in the collective.

For all the Bloggers I love; I posted this feeling fun, and hoping you at least smile.

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Xbox 360 has re-defined all things obscure. While venturing into the simulated world of video game racing, I note any and all related game content after comparing game content during gameplay.  From EA  Need For Speed titles we acquire an obscured association to junior, Maggie Q and swag. In accordance to all suspicious game content from those titles, Microsoft’s recent addition to their popular racing  title also uses similar content. The use of the Nissan, and “top-secret” ground effects, Microsoft employees the idea of entertaining any obscure theme an active imagination conducts. I still cannot evade being influenced to think about the Fast And Furious film titles. Considering race cars are race cars, and all the previous tiles mentioned are relative topic titles.

All these titles are wonderful. I’m disappointed, because of the in-stability of evidence I’ve gathered. The game producers can add content, and alter content any-time.Chance of being consumed by delusion increases due to the ability a person obtains from owning a television network. That person could have audio manipulated for their own benefit. Because I’m a lively , and active person, I’ll continue enjoying those titles.

Many champions adorn righteousness. Many undeserving. Women! Wear your Swag!

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