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Occasionally, I’m entertained from the re-broadcast of Underworld features. I enjoy movies , and music, and literature but this trilogy generated my curiosity. Kate Beckinsale, portrays a beautiful heroine though my curiosity compelled me to believe more went on behind creation of that particular title. I’d of never suspected anything more, but similar music and movie title releases almost seemingly accompanying new Underworld title releases permitted my imagination to entertain reasonable suspicion. I’m thinking Evanescence released new album titles near or within the time period of those same Underworld releases.

My suspicions weren’t as enormous until I stumbled across an image of Kate. I also discovered, maybe she’s the April candidate for some phony magazine. I was thinking ” happy birthday to me!!!,” while all the persuasive reasons for believing re-entered my thoughts. After the Dean Koontz recent novels, Evanescence, and now Underworld adding insult to injury. A time span of a year or more exists between “Underworld Rise of the lycans,” and Evanescence ” The open door” album. “Blood and Chocolate‘s ” popularity never reached popularity levels of an ” Underworld,” titles in comparison.

“Blood and Chocolate,” and ” The Open Door,” share a relative time period and both peculiar. “Blood and Chocolate’s” a title I’ll not soon forget, due to the nature of the title and experiences I remember during that time period. The lingering smell of tainted animal fur and of putrid blood. I know those things weren’t within my presence, but I smelled them. The Title “blood and Chocolate,” reminds me of a conversation I participated in respect of the unreal smells I smelled. I’m certain I used the very phrase during that conversation.

Flattered I am, of someone wanting me to see such a woman in an April issue of some magazine.In fact I feel poetic. I think I’ll sit and write several new posts in poetic form for any reader of this blog. Or about Sofia being in this months issue of “People,” and under standards of suggestion from the people of ,” People.”

To all the bloggers I love, I’m not trying to bore you, I’m attempting to gain a writers edge.

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