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If you follow my blog, maybe you gained an understanding of my theme, and why I focus on controversial topics. I’ve presented topics about things reminding me of me, but only due to finding consumer products riddled of their matter. Within those things, I assume those productions are a thing of their time, and they indeed present questionable characteristics if more than one of those things being compared. I have to admit, I don’t know where I’d see myself today, if the nature of those things weren’t serving as they do today. I might have been a full-time thief, or burger flipper in a southern state. Considering those things, I’d like to share a short story about recent experiences.

Visiting the local mall, I thought I’d look for a new album, or perhaps an old album though new from the retail store. I knew the title I intended to buy, because I searched the malls internet site before visiting the store. I began my search for similar products, finding a new copy of the wanted album, despite searching for a used copy. Keep in mind, while I searched the stores internet site, I discovered the stores definition of culture and ethical standards. Needless to say, that album’s priced in this store within twenty-five percent more than most new release titles. Before purchasing, I noted after discovering that title new, and not defiled, when I retrieved it from the rack, I noticed the case appeared damaged. I’m swearing someone deliberately damaged the case not five minutes after I located it. This album doesn’t have signs of presenting anything “me” in its content. Despite my ego, the album’s on my shelf, and ripped to my desktop library.

My story doesn’t end there. because that company’s statement about their culture, and that definition resembling the definition I created of all thingsDean,” I researched employment further. During the application period, I noted this company implies applicants should have extendable knowledge of our entertainment world. Adorned of my definition, a paradigm’s been created, and that company proclaims they’re “The Center Of It All.” Their site indicates customers can buy many of the same products I have in my personal libraries. Those titles contain some variation of the my name, and I have  knowledge of gaming console circuits. The application didn’t suggest, or ask applicants add specific attributes, and I’m thinking that denotes your definition of our condition. However! I Once had little understanding of the ways of this world, and spent hard-earned money on things I didn’t understand. On the bright side, I can show a person all the components of many electronic devices, gaming consoles, computers, stereos or recording studio equipment. I play a barrage of music, and instruments. If I’m unemployed after this, I can believe, I’ll never be anything other than the thing society demands I be.

Wondering if the cashiers recognized me, as a result, inflicting damage on those specific items. In this country, those same people would deny their subject because of its criteria, and the governing entities allow employers biased opinionated choice, while neglecting you.   I wonder what I’d experience, if I competed for occupancy of a government office.

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Sometimes life leads us on sub-journey of sorts. Patents, meals, healthcare or legal aid. All function atop safety standards ,but not all are not as prosperous near the journey’s end. I’ve experienced medical treatment in a not as acceptable, or expected accord. I’ve ingested meals from public restaurants, I believe sold me the meals not suitable for consumption, and bought products violating some form of safety violation according to their design. Because I believe too many things subject people to unsafe situations from our local merchandise outposts, I’ve thought about revising OSHA‘s safety regulations.

I’m wondering how many people visit auto-parts vendors with intent of purchasing replacement parts. Despite knowing those parts manufacturer is a third-party manufacturer, or the part is among those already used. I don’t want to imagine how many people accepted into a hospital for deliberate abuse of the veins. I expect many certified mechanics demand the required bolt for a repair or some persons safety gets neglected.

Because of my choice of profession, safety certification of some degree is mandatory. Knowledge of safety gear, chemical labels, and the use of proper replacement parts, and material is constantly practiced. My safety certification is valid through 2019. I never search for diverse endings, though I unearth them regularly. The first come first serve motto is one of the many clichés among those thriving in our economy. I suspect auto-mobile manufacturers don’t favor customers buying parts from un-proprietary manufacturers, but I’m stumped about the economic unity. I’d swear I get served more foul experience than I deserve. I think that plate of advanced gut disease has potential for sustaining my appetite.

I’m praying our wonderful Government grants me the money to pursue knowledge of my heritage, other trades,and the college confirmation of understanding who,what and where we are wholly. According to a diverse constitution, I deserve millions of dollars for education because of where we are, and what we know now.

To all the bloggers I Love; maintain your integrity, be safe and considerate for all things.

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Microsoft has incorporated many proprietary applications for their products and our intent of using their products. Like the American military‘s core function around and in accordance to biblical things, Microsoft has their ASP.NET server. The Microsoft server used with Microsoft web browsers to authenticate data in any state of its transference. Because the MSN home page changes randomly, , the data received in our homes, on our desktops are re-assembled as often as those home pages change. This sets a proprietary environment for Microsoft users, especially if those users also have Microsoft gaming consoles. However, lIke a military having other worldly cultures, races and believes pushed on them despite their honoring translations of prophesied biblical kings, Microsoft battles the same fight against Sun Microsystems, twitter, and face book. Those sites use video apps and assembly languages not directly supported by a Microsoft platform. Another non proprietary obstacle is the internet service provider. All providers I’ve had service with require Java, or some other non-proprietary device or product for use of their service. many offer internet security, but the required apps usually conflict with the Microsoft platforms requiring nonproprietary system adjustments the runtime environment. According to the Bible There is no nation worthy of fly the garlands, or laurels while forcing people to accept all things non proprietary. Because I’m going to proclaim the right to say there is no Christ big enough, and no world power strong enough not to avoid conflict due to their arrogance in these circumstances. Christ would not have worn the crown of thorns, and those Military super powers would have adorned righteousness without someone sharing similar understandings of worldly things as I do. Core military operations revolving around people decorated in those symbols only mean the core operations function as the God of Jacobs forces did from the Old testament. According to the Bible Proprietary is god and the things of god were god. That’s a kingdom of god and the inheritance  for future generations of god. including the crown, the garment, the people , the race, the culture, and all other fields included by humanists practicing relative practices on Earth. From the Army recruit, to the R.O.T.C., the chaplain, and the brigade support groups on the field of battle, the Laurels are your honor. Not your ticket to force world unity and free love into the hearts and minds each generation as they grow. I’m wondering if the worlds military powers would allow me to present their nations history with proof in accordance to their standards now, and strip the righteousness from their garb.

To all the bloggers I’ve loved, there is recent conflict in Turkey. 😉

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