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When I’m not thinking of a topic to write a post about I’m usually watching television or playing racing games. N.C.I.S. is a television program I watch if I’m not engaged in any other activities. I usually find some obscure material associating those eclectic things from humanities history and myself. Last week that television program’s characters included one baring the name Dean. This week Laurel Street’s presence on a characters driver’s licences only assured me some degree of obscurity’s use in that episode revolved around things I usually notice while watching television. This episode included scenes of matrimony, but without the use of wedding decor. Something tells me I’ll eventually get permitted my right to prosecute any of Microsoft’s affiliates and all other internet crooks.

This post’s intention is only for entertaining entertainment concepts associated to that grand network of euphoric creation. The producers of N.C.I.S. use of those things aren’t as offensive as our societies internet crooks. In fact I’d almost allow “W.W.E.” use of any thing they acquired from eavesdropping through whatever electronic device currently active in my home. “Queer Beard” humor arouses me into episodes of laughter.

To all Bloggers I love; WE’ll wrestle with humanities toughest opponent until the end of our season. I’m certain we can’t afford being labeled crooks, but when our actions need to leave impressions on contrary forces we need to accept the concept of an opponent when they don’t care about rules.


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Nikita! An espionage addition to CW television productions . I’ve developed impressions from CW  productions , but Nikita and this action packed tale is more influential. The double cross, the technological feats, and the portrayed close quarters combat are  entertaining. Despite the newest characters of the plot, Nikita continues to outflank the expected norms of counter intelligence operations. Operations, limiting the boundaries of the imagination for things assumed, obscure. As a result of Deena being included as a character, I ‘m waiting for the following season. Due to the inclusions to the Nikita character list, espionage will no longer elude the imagination.

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