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Suppose Radar Love’s re-created for my mind only. Maybe my definition of that title’s altered due to female law enforcement type roles within television productions. Art thou pursuing me because I’ve fled? Attempting to elude your cleverness under natural propelling force. Like our tables  ball, you purse me anticipating our path and me essence return unto you. Now your anticipated move’s overwhelmed your judgment, and my path’s measured frantically. In the games balance of precision verses determination each button pressed flings pop culture deep into another frenzy. Will your iconic conviction bring me into your court, or will your efforts weigh us down? Are you pursuing me because I fled, or have my convictions mislead me? Perhaps I’m blind to that precise reason I’ve become your subject. Despite why that’s important we’re still under the glass surface of our playing field.

Due to succession of events, we’ve opportunity to complete the cycle of the sphere. Because of our patients those events have brought forth fruit for our efforts, and the ball is returning as a test of skill. We can exaggerate the real intent of those devices until the product we’ve held in hand feels better than good. Those things we hold have potential for being accepted without being acted upon. Within this nexus of control sin is absolute power. Occasionally all sinners need magna-save before evaluating their bearing. I’ve asked too often the question ” what am I supposed to do with idea when given, if I’m reaping nought , and have nothing for justice for those gifts.” When will the coin slot be filled, and the ball sent forth again? how long will our subject bounce between hosts and plunge into their obscure façade, despite seeing our reflection on that tables surface? 

To all bloggers I love; continue survey with your scope. Pursue not those things there of you’ll reap nought.

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Nikita! An espionage addition to CW television productions . I’ve developed impressions from CW  productions , but Nikita and this action packed tale is more influential. The double cross, the technological feats, and the portrayed close quarters combat are  entertaining. Despite the newest characters of the plot, Nikita continues to outflank the expected norms of counter intelligence operations. Operations, limiting the boundaries of the imagination for things assumed, obscure. As a result of Deena being included as a character, I ‘m waiting for the following season. Due to the inclusions to the Nikita character list, espionage will no longer elude the imagination.

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How often does Sophia V. present herself to the eye of the public? Does she present herself to the public only after I spend the afternoon shopping in the local K-mart. How often does anyone suffer the Narcissus complex if a few elements of that complex are absent from that persons prognosis. I  view each episode of those obscured television shows, being reminded I’ve been observed by an adverse thing. Some of the title screens, reminders, and other advertisements for television network productions resemble the color of the flower Narcissus morphed into. I can remember playing melodic harmonies, and ad-libbing songs using parallel comparisons to celebs and our present situation. I have heard many harmonies during productions like Being Human, The Vampire Diaries, etc. Despite my utter need to perceive myself as an object of Echos’ admiration, I can see the races, people, cultures, and cliché I try to avoid. I cannot be forced to integrate into myself, but I shall take the things of myself from the things I despise. Like the fruit of Echos‘ garden, as an apparition I am. A thing mediated from a vain thing not of itself. For the thing integrating me into me, my thoughts get plagued from doubt. Doubt of the things’ integrity as a race, person, or culture. The seal of authenticity is unbroken, and the legacy branches again. For salvation of vain things, let me be plagued with the waiting for sounds of trumpets. for the sounding of trumpets only the inheriting branch will remain. Wash away the divers, and plague the consecrated from the vessel of things made whole. If my mind’s plagued again from contrary things, I shall take authority over all races, cultures, and cliché to rectify my educated mind. For vain thoughts are vain things, and from vain things are arrogant actions of the ego.

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