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                        I laid in bed for three weeks before visiting the emergency room. Cat scans, ultrasounds and over 10 liters of different fluids  later, I could walk well enough, so the hospital discharged me. Colitis and lesions of the liver is the diagnosis for my illness and the reason I wet to the emergency room. I’m sure the diagnosis is a gut disease. Psychologically, I have the other disease called technology, or then there’s the economy.

For instance, no-one ate the hospital could read or write with next to perfect english grammar. I obtained several articles of documentation  containing nice examples of my other disease. I also have WordPress and their spell checker. This spell checker insists the name of this disease is non-existent.

From the ill documentation referring me to a psychiatrist, I discovered the most bad grammar. Lack of punctuation between sentences sent me on a wild goose chase. I’d later discover some arrogant psychologist from India thought he knew what I needed? Kind of proves my personal war is growing. Playing psycho-games can get people killed, regardless of how big or small the game is. 

Despite my efforts to look for positive things, I always discover some tiny flaw in the plot. I then see me for who I am while I try to cover the negative things up in some crude humor. I think the faults only get worse in the aftermath. I thought I’d pursue the practice of ass worship, but need to find the pleasantries of being bi-sexual, bi-racial if my intentions make me a success.

Visiting my favorite adult sites have only proven afro american women don’t get the role of being a white man’s sexual escapades as often as Aryan or asian women. I don’t think I’ll find anything negative about filling the role if I find no fault in the immediate purpose. Surprisingly, I’ll swear I’ve seen more women from those sites near me after I visit them for whatever reason they have. Because my moral standards only revolve around the faults of everyone else while telling me to forgive their flaw, for maintaining a sense  being a pleasant person I’m more than considering that pursuit. Pornography, and portraying an adult lifestyle aids a person being characterized for their integrity as an independent person. I really don’t enjoy seeing familiar faces from www.Pornhub if the faces intentions of being next to you in public aren’t clear in the eye of the beholder. The occasions haven’t been unacceptable, but I think I create more delusions as a result of those incidents. I can only imagine the damage from the spyware used to infiltrate home networks. Again someone plays for power and dominance of something.

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With no questions asked I’m thinking most American task force employees wear a shield indicating their role as protector of the whatever. This shield reminds me of the family crests from the days the Clans of the UK were serious about the societies they functioned within. Badges  I’ve seen contain angelic wings, laurels (swag), and their occupation in the task force. I’m a garland believing I have direct connection to an english heritage. I don’t share my dinner table with any other race. But the task force seamlessly adopts these things for their own benefit. Somewhere some collegiate professor of the faith gave those men permits to use everyone elses heritage for the benefit of a democracy. By chance those crests change I think someone should watch over the shoulder of the person making changes, and asking questions of any changes.

Why does a person need a permit if written in the U.S. constitution are bills supporting free enterprise. Some people won’t allow another person to dig holes in their yard without a permit from the city hall, or a degree in engineering. Regardless of a pursuit in a field of education resulting in a basic knowledge of all trades and professions. From my endeavors in a University decorated with laurels, I discovered you know biochemistry if you know ohms law, if you know the difference between converging and diverging heat energy. You’ll know what causes our weather if you know how to build a bomb, and you know society if you’ve had introductory courses for college. Mans knowledge is thus limited. If you know ohms law you know computer science, and you know ratio of machine gears.

Some genealogists might tell you the Garlands assisted religious revolution of faith. From those texts a person can make analogy of man knowing of todays modern science then, and their uses relatively. If religious texts did not include those things the selfsame day would not be fathomed by people of antiquity.

I’ve had digestive problems since the F.D.A. discontinued the practice of stamping food products with a seal of approval. Somehow the task force and Military have evaded this fate and appear  healthy and strong, always. maybe from some health care plan not available for the everyday person, but available for the people living in a world of make-believe. I have a hunch, those guys wives must have permits for building extreme sandwiches.

To all the bloggers I’ve loved I apologize for using so many links and tags. I use whatever WordPress offers.

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