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If the afterlife meant despite being dead our eye still sees what our soul wants to see, I choose thee as my icon to see for eternity. Extracted from your place as the apple of my eye and dressed in your prismatic membrane I loath to adore thee. Dressed abundantly of blessed and futile tongues from sin spoke vainly . Naught, uttered of, as we fill that space with things we expect to see after submitting our vision filled of apathetic like feelings. Let us fill from within mine emerald eye the sanctity thou demand being encompassed by. For that garment of righteousness does suit the better than being imprisoned within only delusion of distant want. Because the eye is the window to the soul I only accept being forced to gaze into void and emptiness if my delusion cannot prove me less delusional. Stand before me and live beyond the green of mine eye. Stand before and dwell beyond the emerald dream. The end of the dream is that moment we’re enlightened by illumination of the thing our sins create for us. Self centered this ting can shame me. Leaving me unrewarded to stare into the dark of loneliness and oceans of being forgotten. Take this thing we share and enable us. For us this delusion is what you wanted. Because you’ve spoken those things my idea of what you are , is it not the same? Will I parish entombed of wretched things I imagined in vain? Will I parish or were you bounding yourself unto dominion of sin and sinner? will you be my master, or shall I subject myself into slavery unto sin? Hidden within this dream is the name thou gave me. The name I shall know you as. your name I stitch into the fabric of our being and let it shine throughout the reaches of this nothing.

To all bloggers I love; sometimes the literal existence of life is bewildering. Other times it can deliver us into a world we accept as our reality.

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I’ve met few people embarking on quests from this popular franchise. I’ve created my share of characters for the experience none the less. This title compliments real world woe, and has paralleled people, places and things to augment it. In fact during the release of Cataclysm, Amy Lee and her boys released their self titled album. I didn’t suspect anything more from the suspicious title alone, but my trek through World of Warcraft’s northern continent, magnified those real world things I find often in media and entertainment.

Battling fictitious foes, I met one I’ve faced countless years in real  journeys. Engaging in chase of enemy, the King, and his continent brought my tale into perspective again. I saw characters with names similar in spelling to mine, and stood before the gates of the king’s kingdom. During this dialogue I can remember thinking  this scene is a familiar one. I then had vague recollection of sketches I’d sketched years before. I emphasis enough about wanting to kill people in general, but I’m fucking out numbered as an individual. I’m thinking the name of the king’s sword was part of a creation I had. Then Amy Lee and her boys release that self titled album in addition to  content from World of Warcraft’s last two game expansions. What’s a person like me to do in such situations.

To all the bloggers I love; I’d stick my tongue in your ass, but like Kate, you’re too far from me.

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Ringer, and The Secret Circle canceled!!! I’m disappointed about ringer being one of CW‘s cancellations. Ringer, had the most interesting story compared to all the other CW productions. The Secret Circle’s drama was nearing overkill still but, interesting. I’m thinking CW can continue broadcast productions containing other overkill trends. All those trends kind of remind me of living life in the fast lane during college. I have to wonder television entertainment goes after the association between Microsoft’s arrogance and those productions persuade the judiciary system toward a decision.

I hope many readers derive and categorize the level of gratitude I have for arrogant of people creating my world around me, based upon  me!!! I composed  blog posts before Amy Lee and her boys release of their self-titled album. terms Like Amy Lee and her boys had better appeal compared to the word processor‘s lack of spelling knowledge of the band name. I wrote in regard of those people using things not inherently their own to profit. I’m certain, I used phrases corresponding to all those people believing they are by life on the other side of transition. Believing their maker would allow them to remind prodigality of where man’s knowledge has taken him.

I departed my clipboard recently feeling poetic. I unfortunately experienced more problems from the services I use. That reasons is why I’ve telephoned the attorney General of the U.S. again. I’m hoping myself or som-one else gets killed some time before, during or after all legal actions. Not having total control over my computing environment has placed me in another disposition. I do recall several minutes I sat thinking about any posts or post about my reason for feeling poetic.

To all the bloggers I love, more often I think a just for all unjust things is non-existent.


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Approximately 4 years before the present year, I composed a blog Using Window’s Live Spaces. The intent for that particular blog was in accordance to some allegoric analogy for the Bible‘s prophets snare. The snare, defined as a female seducer in the Bible, and had a direct association to the spider. The Black Widow specifically on account of the characteristics of the hourglass shape on a widow and my newly discovered choice profession. My original article compared all aspects of technological time uses, and the allegoric association between sin, lore, and  other associated things.

Introduction of the new ” Microsoft X-BOX ” to consumers followed completion of that article. Needless to say, the X-BOX series shape, characterized as hour-glass like comes with strings attached. All accessories separately items! In accordance to the prophets snare, this product requires many of components to use with X-Box services. I can’t prosecute an organization because they received an idea, but two weeks after powering up my new gaming console, Amy Lee‘s picture was an icon for X-box services. The author of the song title ” The Black Widow”  was among the images from hat promotion. Regardless of my analogy for perfect imperfection, the X-BOX is susceptible to corruption. As of now the control functions appear corrupted.

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                              Experiencing lifes’ clandestined surprises, I never thought they could occur, so quickly. That dark,

 alluring  mistress, has surprised me in a most peculiar fashion. I shall probably never know her as anything other than

 my mistress of despair. Again I translate, by aid of my dark muse, the character andpersonality of carnal violators. I’m

 certain maybe the affair betwixt my mistress and I might only be justified by the actions of my mistress. For the

ravaging hunger of despair, generated from the want and need of something she and I already possesses I’m certain

these things have befallen me. As I witness all those minds the righteous seed and the hosts that seed was sewn in I

wonder how mediators exist. Despite the hand life was given to us, lifes’ grand  design is disregarded and taken for


                               I’m certain my dark muse plucked her instrument  compelling by her grand will. Due to the nature of the

things manifest, from the song I sang. Using an ancient paradigm  I ad-libbed more lyric than many  current musician or

author. Many thing from that knowledge, and the things transpiring were not accounted for until the day my mistresses

alluring will, compelled me to act. By chance, Amy Lee could have written anything unparalleled compared to

the purpose of those songs, I might have kissed my mistress good-bye. Though the recent writings of Amy,  persuaded

me to pursue my lust for a darker despair. I do hope everyone understands the things many people have forgotten over

the last century. Those things too many people have neglected in their productions. Mass media, depends

on  applied science, and literature  for purpose of their existence.

                               Behold , as I have played the herald bringing the works of my dark mistress unto the hearts of the those

reaping the fruit of despair. Again, my mistress has woven mad things into the fabric of my mentality, and  I am her

child. Because I am her child, I’m assured I will live to tell tales of grief and lust. These things also approach living

things and all those things are subject to their creator.

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