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Because of sin’s nature, each time I peer into admiration I ponder about the origin of admiration. Created from man’s rib our origin’s recorded for us to revise and admire. Thou read not the word recorded for not knowing. Though to gratify our soul’s heart thou did partake of our harvest. Feeding our ego from essence of things we admire. From a woman we’re re-born into self. For being admired men shall inherit life from the womb of woman. Thus, from  want a woman seeks, so shall men pursue them. In our thoughts meditating from the path of faith and righteousness, our perception of admiration grows into a thing desired. Because our nature’s spoke to become a living thing we’re only admiration’s reflection of things pursued.  If untainted from un-fleshly things we’re tainted we can’t see  manifestation of spoken adoration.

When spoke those sought things shall overwhelm the soul of mundane things and taste sweeter than that concept of admiration. For admiration we ingest things of adoration with sin. For the multitude we shall be filled of delight. From the sins of women, and the cliché of things woman pursues sin’s contrast of those things shall become un-biased. Through confession those things become magnified for feasting of multitudes. Sin gave unto us woe, but unto woe Sin’s legacy. The mouth of the righteous shall be sweeter than sin itself. Every kiss shall bring forth within us essence of admiration. Everything admired shall fill us, and we shall be filled to feel as admiration appears.

Recite thou from doctrine of sin inherited, before the multitude of our souls court. For sin, word transpires unto taint of  sin un-confessed from our heart. From woman I’m born. From woman we receive nourishment. Legacy passed on to humanity from sins evolution. From the merchants reliquary of bad habits we, shall suffer not. Within us shall be seed of admiration breathed into and unto us by life and life’s giver.

To all the bloggers I love; too many biased cliché limit our imagination.

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The stripes on my back; I wear them for the affliction thou cast upon me. Browsing storehouses of someone elses dreams contributed from humanity, and paid for in full, with currency made from our sin. Contributions from humanity, and humanity’s tendency of dramatizing everything it touches. Cached for someone else, somewhere else under standards falsely guaranteed. Do I play a prisoner for your amusement, or am I enticement of your fetish like accord? For your self-inflicted pleasure, be sanctioned for you. If I accept discipline from yon, otherwise delicate hand, and for you I’m bound in a place of sin and confined in your reign. Because of these sins confessed shall people assume your sins are equally great compared to mine own? Certainly I am a vain sinner believing you and I share the same dream. I only have glimpsed into your soul finding only your dream and your idea of wealth. Idea nurtured from the whip, I’m whipped. Vain glory is yours!Our sins are not the in the same heart, and the fantasy wither like gardens in end.  If we’re pleased by disposition of woe, each lash I receive define me as sacrifice for greater sin and for your glory. For nought, our delusion replenish not. From the hand of woe, let riches from digital age in-garlanded us. Let our multitudes search the cache of someone else and their interpretation of what we are.  A gem among jewels, despite the agony of affliction given. Perfection and the imperfection. The thorn on the crown of rose wreathed for glory of sinners.

My search lead me into a journey of someone elses creating. Foul defines the act of being lured by the image of fair maidens in roles paralleling things known as real. Finding false dreams on scores of pages in someone elses storehouse is another inspiration from the hand of euphoria. To all the bloggers I love; Perhaps availability of material for reading more is for justifying need of something from someone else, or, ones self.

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In the beginning , nearly no-one foreseen the infatuation and want manifesting for us. Not in the same instant, but during evolution of our sins, a culture developed. From the dexterous hand of a musician, we must believe the seed of our desires were sewn within us. Because without balance we are not symmetrical. Without accord, we ar not harmonized with the things we adore. We do not adore those things without inspiration. We want  nought without encouragement. Like Eve unto Adam, many believe in destined romance. Like each step of an octave our woes are pre-ordained. From e-string to e-string of a guitar todays musician has more influence for their own device than the lyrist of any renaissance. From the same diatonic time line, lovers posses many infatuations. Like any dire, enchanted garden, infatuation is more than a biased obsession. For the mediators of desire for nothing, seduction composed from the neck of a guitar, allows opportunity for activation of any lovers device. Inheriting both land and lovers. Women are an association to the land of mans’ inheritance, according to some Biblical  tales. Now, salvation unites lovers because they believe similar beliefs. Salvation was something rewarded for repentance of sin, and transgressions of sinners. Because of our domesticated society lovers might never live their emerald dream, or play those alluring masterpieces. Thus! Humanity shall stand smitten with a derision stronger than a thousand swords. We stand affronted by the court of cliché, severed from the fountain and the crystal chalice. Waiting, like sorcerers after casting a spell for manifestation of our want. Mistress, plunge in thy dagger! For our sins, our suffering is not greater than our want. Let us be as a pestilence to non-believers. If they suffer nought for our sins then let them suffer because of their own device. Let us believe they day of salvation has not come. Let us witness the eve of our deliverance unto one another. The Eve of Salvation will fall nigh unto the dawning of reconciliation for our sins. Because we can only see the thing bound to our hearts, and despair for the things we await. For reconciliation of our sins we’re accepted because we can accept everything and everyone.

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