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Microsoft has proven again people like me need to get close enough to kick that organization in their fucking teeth. Not only have we paid other companies for internet access, but used that access nearly defining users as rights violators.  One thing I’m not, is  naïve . I will no longer tolerate Microsoft. As soon as the opportunity is there I’m kicking someones fucking teeth out.

The new Xbox  360 apps require gold membership privileges. If you’re paying for internet services already discontinue use of Microsoft products. Yesterday MSN’s home page’s filled with reminders of my last blog post. Including words like frenzy, and themes similar to radar love. If this nation were a true capitalist nation, government officials would grant me my wish for establishing a friday night fight with corporate ass holes!!!

My next question for Microsoft assholes is,” what the fuck will people use if all the above remains obvious?” I bullshit you about nothing. I will hunt each Microsoft employee down with intent to kill. NO BULLSHIT!!!

Paying to use my fucking internet ‘s burden began when Microsoft altered their IIS services disabling users from feeling secure about their own choices.

Another irrelevant question I’m asking is why I’m now experiencing fuel system problems. Did I or did I not predict all negative experiences as a result of either feeling insecure about my privacy? Why are people still talking shit and not entertaining their arrogance, stepping into the fucking arena to prove their fucking point? If any of this blog ‘s readers suspected the government officiating mother fucking Microsoft have you also asked why the fuck Microsoft is only endorsed by this nations self assumed hierarchy?

Due to all the arrogant shit talkers our nations government permits to sit on the other side of that fucking television screen I’m thinking some one read my blog. I’m also suspicious of that computer program used to generate material from material users uploaded. In spite of the fact, most of that content appears as fan fucking fiction from this blog and those private occasion, I watch television. 

To all the bloggers I love; I’d swear I read within our constitution an article stating disorderly lynch mobs aren’t an act of government justification. According to my rights as a citizen I want my day in that fucking ring to prove my goddamned point!!!

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