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How will our actions define our intention. Suppose we return for rejuvenation of days in deliverance. Suppose we return to resonate sins of the heart to rhythms of how they’re defined. For belief we violate sanctity of real things we’ve wanted with things we grant power, but no-longer pursue of after those things become vague impressions of our now. For those nibbling from the bread of plenty enticing the idea of perpetual sensuality, and then submitting the deed unto into the hand of the abyss the things we’d accept as real desire cast into nought in an act of sin. Sinning greater and more dangerous sin, for who? For what? Why submit thyself  to sin sins of lust and envy, but unto those things cast thee our faith into darkness for not. Certainly I’ve not accepted any bindings, being bound with thee for reaping nothing of reward un-condemned. For your repeated offense, and condemnation of faith, return hence for the path thou follow for guiding you unto you. If thou return hither to gather the fruit of unwanted Sin, let us both be accused of sinning unwanted sin, so we shall be cast in unto never-ending darkness.  Let us retrieve the sins of our loved and cherished. Their heart’s tethered unto life’s song. because in the abyss, we’re separated by space and time. Like wise is the distance great betwixt thee and me where we’d strive through Sin’s delusion. Let our journal defy unwanted dreams of desire. For things clandestine our sins shall be untainted. Here thou hast been granted eternity of living dream. Here thou established reason to proclaim employment as sins repeat offender. For eternity our word as written shall be man’s function. For sin, our hearts beat within us now. Our hearts beat with tempo of faith renowned.

To the bloggers I love; delusion is for the deluded, but lies are for the evils of this world.

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