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Technology’s taken culture to realms beyond the boundaries of its creator. All human kind, can see places, and imagine people from distances not within their spectrum of understanding. Like nearly everything earthly superpowers fight on all type of battle fields for dominance of benefit from technology. I assume, if one man added two and two differently, that man’s conspiring against something nocturnal for his benefit only.  Recently, a man exploited U.S. governmentspying” abilities, despite citizens already holding on-to suspicions about our governments need for knowing everything, about anyone. Though I’m not sure I want to believe the U.S. government’s spying on citizens specifically. Perhaps this government, isn’t benefiting from those technological superpowers, and need certainty a secret war isn’t brewing among those superpowers. considering binary’s only a base two logarithm, and hexadecimal’s only as it is. For Microsoft, Google, Apple, and other corporations, interpreting those number’s the difference within products manufactured from those corporations. Many of those corporations sale software products for calculating devices pieced together from products of common component manufacturer, and patented according to their thinking regardless of math in its simplest for. Many data communications service providers seem as part of this ongoing conflict. From my experience as an electronics repair technician, data encryption and authentication an example I choose for my point. Television networks, and radio broadcast bought rights for ownership of specific frequencies they use. if you weren’t born before the dawn of man, you’re S.O.L. friend. People and citizens will need products from those super corporations regardless of having options of buying components from other corporations before building data processing machines of their own design. Music, photography, and math are tools everyone needs. All file formats are the best method of describing how your hobbies and career suffered deficiencies from patents long before you had any rights of being a free enterprise. I’ve my suspicions, but I wonder who’s got more reason for spying on any-one.

My cynicism of power’s the only reason I believe government authority should have those rights. I’d think that entity had those rights before because you attended an educating institution within that government. I didn’t leak any document, because I don’t have access. I will address CBS for honoring my request of administering me to you. In-spite of all other entertainment giants erasing content associated to me from their productions. Everybody uses “Dean,” and I’m not an avid Journalist.

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I’ve maintained this blog a year or more before of this particular post. I began posting articles, trying to follow the guidelines many journalist should follow during the time they’re writing articles about important topics the public relates to. During that time, tools I demand available for completing my writing tasks were subject to a mere impression of technical evolution. Those changes Microsoft have force their customers to use also affect our means of productivity while we pursue goal oriented tasks. My pursuit of gaining higher education status didn’t open any political doors for course of study. However. I’ve blogged about life events from a sociological perspective and have some meaningful rewards as a result. From those rewards I established a functioning thesis for standards of living. because those standards appear ass functioning standards set from the efforts of people already administering product of higher learning recent occurrences re-assure me of my understanding of those things. Diversity of a place or people only resides in an opportunity given of a place or people. Because the place and people around me, gave me the same thing everyone’s entitled to understand my challenge remains a constant. Because The State Of The Union this year, only increase the feeling of being a subject of observation by an arrogant entity, my will also increases.

Barack Obama’s ” State Of The Union” this year, only magnifies our constitution as it’s written. Because our President’s speech re-assured me of my understanding of those standards we’re expected to endure, I am proclaiming possession of understanding everything I’ve read. This includes Federal code of conduct, penal code of conduct, psychology, sociology, and Bibliography. Those things are humanities convictions. Our lives seem aimless and pointless without them.

To all bloggers I love; during the time we’re plagued of countless worries we ultimately seek an ultimatum for rectifying those things. United we’ve defined real boundaries we shall live in. Divided I fear we’ll never see the real evolution of our culture.


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While attending class in pursuit of an associate degree for an electronics repair technician title of the industrial technology field I never thought for a second our economy would be over 75 percent of working people’s problem. Buying simple things like communication cables wasn’t the beginning of my trouble, but is a significant trouble technicians experience. Repairing electronics demand our technicians to have knowledge of every logic gate, microchip, microcontroller,and processor available to our general-public. Additionally, where those components are in each circuit and how the circuit designer used those components is another important factor in electronics technology. A person can visit any local Radio Shack and buy programmable micro controllers for use in their hobby electronics, or to repair circuits if those circuits design include those components. Many of those components communicate with Microsoft Windows Power-shell software. this software permits users to accumulate communication environment , but communication between a computer and hobby devices need more. Communication cables connect these two objects, but parallel ports communicate through more than a single wire. Many have source voltage connections and neutral wire connections within the cables connector. Finding a communication cable manufactured for easier connection’s a difficult task. No-one really knows a cable’s designed for a communication port. The cable might look correct, but I’ve smelled smoke during experiments while using good-looking cables. Parts for hand crafting parallel ports are available to designers from the same store. However! since 2009 Microsoft has altered many things included in computer technology, and occasionally we get prompted by Microsoft for participation in survey about new Microsoft products. I participated in a windows 8 survey, and was never asked question of communication between my circuit designs and their new operating system. I answered questions about my video, photo, video game, and entertainment habits, but never in respect of my rights for a free enterprise. Anybody with an ounce of sarcasm in their heart’s noted how often they view articles containing photos despite them using nonproprietary software induced from a computer’s manufacturer. Another example of people governing people. Providing content to people so those people can give that material to someone else due to people not having software for their use. I’m wondering how our economic superpowers plan to represent themselves in the arena.

For all the bloggers I love I’m demanding my day of justice. A duel governed of a people pursuing justice for independent people. Harassment is only harassment when one party predicts the outcome of an aggressive situation of being in their own favor. Thus! Harassment is not the challenge of power as it hangs in favor’s balance . Again dueling is only illegal if you’re a victim of your own guilt. Even those governing provide officials for a clean fight. Our negotiations are create reward for our victorious. Who lives according to our rules?

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While watching Monday Night Raw, two weeks of wrestling entertainment crowded every vacant space for thought in my mind. AJ’s drama scenes brought to my mind my name. Somehow during recent pay-per view events Dean Ambrose emerged with little warning. Dean and the two other members of a resistance group calling themselves “The Shield.” A small band of men kicking or punching competitors they believe are fighting for less than a just cause a couple extra times. Though all eligible aspects of any theory I’ve published here is more detailed than the rendition drawn from another’s hand’s brought little or no justice to my cause. I don’t think I’ve any reason for not watching re-shows of “No Reservations.” Anthony’s probably been done justice for sake of all things obscured during more than one episode. Of course, by mind allows me to believe at least one episode’s obscured to some degree of all things obscure. Without a doubt, I’ll be asking myself what Anthony was doing in Hawaii. More importantly, why can I convince myself and others believe he’s done an obscure thing.

 Apathy, conflict of interest, and how we view those things for things they’re destined, only diluted injustice exist. Windows 8, such as allows owners of old computers certain functionality of their new product. Our need for a touch screen monitor and 32-bit rendering software we didn’t need for 32-bit resolutions appear as the difference. computer manufacturers included non-proprietary rendering software with their Windows computers before now, so maybe Microsoft’s focusing our attention toward problems from our past. Due to the Masses, and their presentation of bewildering things I think I often ramble aimlessly.

For all the Bloggers I love, I  leave this conclusion for my intention of this post. For things destined  let me stand, encompassed of desolation. In our journey, these common grounds bring us into barren places. Reaping nought, but wishing for hope filled wells. For our interpretation of things just we stand as dust in the wind. Let our enabler know in spite of being blasted of the whirlwind’s might, grace grant us time for contemplating thee and that day grace bless thee. In the desert we reap nought because nothing ‘s our only resource. Thus those things we want are something created from desperation of life living and fortitude of nothing. For nothing we have nothing and spend a life time of hard-earned money.

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Microsoft has proven again people like me need to get close enough to kick that organization in their fucking teeth. Not only have we paid other companies for internet access, but used that access nearly defining users as rights violators.  One thing I’m not, is  naïve . I will no longer tolerate Microsoft. As soon as the opportunity is there I’m kicking someones fucking teeth out.

The new Xbox  360 apps require gold membership privileges. If you’re paying for internet services already discontinue use of Microsoft products. Yesterday MSN’s home page’s filled with reminders of my last blog post. Including words like frenzy, and themes similar to radar love. If this nation were a true capitalist nation, government officials would grant me my wish for establishing a friday night fight with corporate ass holes!!!

My next question for Microsoft assholes is,” what the fuck will people use if all the above remains obvious?” I bullshit you about nothing. I will hunt each Microsoft employee down with intent to kill. NO BULLSHIT!!!

Paying to use my fucking internet ‘s burden began when Microsoft altered their IIS services disabling users from feeling secure about their own choices.

Another irrelevant question I’m asking is why I’m now experiencing fuel system problems. Did I or did I not predict all negative experiences as a result of either feeling insecure about my privacy? Why are people still talking shit and not entertaining their arrogance, stepping into the fucking arena to prove their fucking point? If any of this blog ‘s readers suspected the government officiating mother fucking Microsoft have you also asked why the fuck Microsoft is only endorsed by this nations self assumed hierarchy?

Due to all the arrogant shit talkers our nations government permits to sit on the other side of that fucking television screen I’m thinking some one read my blog. I’m also suspicious of that computer program used to generate material from material users uploaded. In spite of the fact, most of that content appears as fan fucking fiction from this blog and those private occasion, I watch television. 

To all the bloggers I love; I’d swear I read within our constitution an article stating disorderly lynch mobs aren’t an act of government justification. According to my rights as a citizen I want my day in that fucking ring to prove my goddamned point!!!

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Because I’ve been in court many times, I’ve learned about what attorney’s represent if a person thinks they need one. A person generally thinks they need an attorney due to some sense of not understanding the regulations of a crime. Let me remind every blog reader of the now, man’s knowledge’s limited. If a person can’t represent themselves in court of law they should never make accusations.

Today Xbox live terms of use changed. I declined my their terms of use due to the idea of Microsoft playing King of cyber space. Limiting users options in court of law to their own terms of services. Those services allowed users option of waiving their right of a class action suit. I’ve never logged into Xbox live intending to harm anyone. Microsoft is again implying they’re above everything and God’s legacy including this nations constitution.

According to all American rights, places established for people to practice fighting are functioning places today. The judiciary system, or a squared circle are those choice places. According to the U.S. constitution, if fighting were illegal, colleges, and military would not promote them. The fact people also thought they didn’t deserve their teeth being kicked out is the only reason the fight went before the magistrate. Despite all the wrong a person can do in respect to their standards of the term “Liberated,” during the writing of their terms of use. Last night’s episode of CW’s new television show ” beauty and the Beast,” with all that different shade of blue is enough to say all windows live accounts and terms of use deny a person a national standard. Eliminating the higher authority for the benefit of their own standard. Maybe I only see my delusion, and only believe Microsoft ‘s been associated to the tri-states television network.

If I hadn’t ever read that one section I’d still be using my Xbox Live account. All other sections were acceptable, because they focused on the Xbox product.

To all the bloggers I love; I suppose suffering is more powerful than any imagining of sensuality. Thus the delusion is a thing for those imagining  places of wonder and delight.

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