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Approximately 4 years before the present year, I composed a blog Using Window’s Live Spaces. The intent for that particular blog was in accordance to some allegoric analogy for the Bible‘s prophets snare. The snare, defined as a female seducer in the Bible, and had a direct association to the spider. The Black Widow specifically on account of the characteristics of the hourglass shape on a widow and my newly discovered choice profession. My original article compared all aspects of technological time uses, and the allegoric association between sin, lore, and  other associated things.

Introduction of the new ” Microsoft X-BOX ” to consumers followed completion of that article. Needless to say, the X-BOX series shape, characterized as hour-glass like comes with strings attached. All accessories separately items! In accordance to the prophets snare, this product requires many of components to use with X-Box services. I can’t prosecute an organization because they received an idea, but two weeks after powering up my new gaming console, Amy Lee‘s picture was an icon for X-box services. The author of the song title ” The Black Widow”  was among the images from hat promotion. Regardless of my analogy for perfect imperfection, the X-BOX is susceptible to corruption. As of now the control functions appear corrupted.

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