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After this weeks visit to my therapist, I ventured through the mall looking for current video game titles. I found two titles I thought I’d enjoy. Retrieving Call Of Duty Black – Ops from the shelf I turned quickly as a result of the cashiers voice from behind me. I immediately noted the discerned expression on her face while asking me about my interest in the sequel of that particular title. She and I lead the occasion in question and answer type conversation before I departed the mall heading for home. Besides racing titles shooters keep me occupied after reading or studying becomes boring. Though this was a popular title I didn’t expect to discover real life association between this game, myself and all things I think relevent.

During the middle of the game names like Nikita’s a common character name and point of interest within the plot. After encountering the name Nikita I thought about CW’s television show but restrained my imagination as best I could. exaggerating any association between this title and all current entertainment’s not my best interest. I thought nothing more until I sat staring at the menu screen being compelled to do just the opposite seemed rational. Because during a particular stage numbers become subject of interest and on the menu screen a number five circled exists. On that same screen is the number one hundred thirty-two. During the before mentioned stage that circled five’s visible oon television monitors as well as those character and numbers being part of the plot. Despite me needing to create that association game play’s awesome. Unlike other Call Of Duty titles, Black-Ops control functions quicker. Getting rid of grenades after catching them’s much easier. Melee and movement are also faster during gameplay.

To all the bloggers I love: living unaware of how others are limited’s a journey unexploited. Not until we fully understand when and where we share common interests fruit from the things as are and are not.

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While Watching CW I can recall asking myself if Kristin ever needed to tell someone if another person accompanying her had possession of Marijuana. During the first episode of “Beauty And The Beast,” my curious nature got touched by enlightenment. Due to some incident of that character Kristin now portrays all suspicions I have about eavesdropping devices increased. My reason of writing this post is for contrasting those popular thing free thinkers battle to have. Because not all eclectic artists smoke dope or booze some form of biasness will develop between the two subcultures. Seeing no red in Kristin’s eyes show she’s never been a marijuana smoker. However! That ad for Lady Gaga’s new fragrance generated my fondness of sensuality and of women.

Dean’s been a popular name in the entertainment industry since James drove race cars. During the nineties “The Stone Temple Pilots” performed a song about the pop-gun. Today CW’s got Dean Winchester and that magical colt battling demons for the bunch of us. these things entertain us, but our means of possessing and obtaining those things are in conflict. Facebook advertises their popular bubble games, and users can search for their favorite entertainment items. Microsoft is now insisting people already paying for internet access pay them a second fee for using their services. Evidently Microsoft’s cynicism for culture or greed for money and power’s afflicting some people. Despite the effort of egotistical, free thinking sinners I believe warfare of all types can only be part of a culture if that culture’s determined to revolt. Because our government’s set standards for the thing they think is an acceptable recruit for their war’s don’t include drug abusers. In spite of eavesdroppers like Kristin, if she continues filling my thoughts of crime fighting heroin like Catherine I’ll have no option of denying her respect.

to all bloggers I love; our cultures exact function is to vast and to complex a thing. Writing and defining it in three hundred words or less is appearing like to difficult a task.

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What’s a poor man supposed to do? If I told you a story about a poor man and his life experiences you probably already read my blog post to post. I’m probably only repeating myself when I hold emphasis on our law enforcement need for probable cause. Considering I bought a 2000 Jeep from a retired police officer. after driving the Jeep for two years I now can’t get rid of that damn Jeep without simply giving the fucking thing away. Today, I’m visiting a store I received gift certificates as Christmas gifts. I re-encounter a man taller than myself, but not before noting how close to that Jeep he walks each time I see him. Charleston police cruisers on the scenes have little weight to assholes now a days. I’m leaving that department store and noted some little red-headed motherfucker nearly hitting my passenger door with his door. That maggot speeds off nearly slinging gravel on that parked police cruiser before disappearing. Hard target don’t quite explain how I feel daily when encountering a society full of careless dumbass people. Then those same motherfucker insist you give them your fucking stuff after they’ve damaged your things before you ever could.

I’ve checked into mental health problems for other evaluation of my inhibitions, ego, and stipulation of societies standards as presented to me during court hearing after court hearing. I’ve been informed again, conquering society takes more than just a compelled person, but if slander hurts me, I can pursue legal action. Though CW’s female cast and crew give me more hope toward that one man’s wish for being a man, I’m sure twisting all that obscure shit can get the jury’s attention. I’m thinking “The Vampire Diaries” loser blue scene’s good enough definition of slander.

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CW done it again! Beginning with an episode resembling those scenes from tales of the smoking gun, and ending with an episode resembling “The Vampire Diaries” season finale. I can tell you I’ve watched television under the impression are least one major producer from CW’s read my blog. However this new character from Beauty And The Beast’s wore blue during every episode. The last episode Kristin’s character confessed of things not ready for the mind to fathom. Each time I see that Caramel hue beauty I remember “Unforgettable,”and that other caramel beauty sharing blue as her obvious, favorite color. Now! I can’t seem to elude Kristin’s role and the script she’s reading from. She sounds like she’s reading straight from my blog. I’d accept credit where credit’s given, but the fabric’s kind of rough around the edges. considering Kristin’s equally as attractive as Poppy, I’ve never unearthed cyber material of her wearing her birthday suit.”beauty And The Beast” scores two thumbs up with the lot of CW’s spectacular programs.

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Suppose Radar Love’s re-created for my mind only. Maybe my definition of that title’s altered due to female law enforcement type roles within television productions. Art thou pursuing me because I’ve fled? Attempting to elude your cleverness under natural propelling force. Like our tables  ball, you purse me anticipating our path and me essence return unto you. Now your anticipated move’s overwhelmed your judgment, and my path’s measured frantically. In the games balance of precision verses determination each button pressed flings pop culture deep into another frenzy. Will your iconic conviction bring me into your court, or will your efforts weigh us down? Are you pursuing me because I fled, or have my convictions mislead me? Perhaps I’m blind to that precise reason I’ve become your subject. Despite why that’s important we’re still under the glass surface of our playing field.

Due to succession of events, we’ve opportunity to complete the cycle of the sphere. Because of our patients those events have brought forth fruit for our efforts, and the ball is returning as a test of skill. We can exaggerate the real intent of those devices until the product we’ve held in hand feels better than good. Those things we hold have potential for being accepted without being acted upon. Within this nexus of control sin is absolute power. Occasionally all sinners need magna-save before evaluating their bearing. I’ve asked too often the question ” what am I supposed to do with idea when given, if I’m reaping nought , and have nothing for justice for those gifts.” When will the coin slot be filled, and the ball sent forth again? how long will our subject bounce between hosts and plunge into their obscure façade, despite seeing our reflection on that tables surface? 

To all bloggers I love; continue survey with your scope. Pursue not those things there of you’ll reap nought.

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Because I’ve been in court many times, I’ve learned about what attorney’s represent if a person thinks they need one. A person generally thinks they need an attorney due to some sense of not understanding the regulations of a crime. Let me remind every blog reader of the now, man’s knowledge’s limited. If a person can’t represent themselves in court of law they should never make accusations.

Today Xbox live terms of use changed. I declined my their terms of use due to the idea of Microsoft playing King of cyber space. Limiting users options in court of law to their own terms of services. Those services allowed users option of waiving their right of a class action suit. I’ve never logged into Xbox live intending to harm anyone. Microsoft is again implying they’re above everything and God’s legacy including this nations constitution.

According to all American rights, places established for people to practice fighting are functioning places today. The judiciary system, or a squared circle are those choice places. According to the U.S. constitution, if fighting were illegal, colleges, and military would not promote them. The fact people also thought they didn’t deserve their teeth being kicked out is the only reason the fight went before the magistrate. Despite all the wrong a person can do in respect to their standards of the term “Liberated,” during the writing of their terms of use. Last night’s episode of CW’s new television show ” beauty and the Beast,” with all that different shade of blue is enough to say all windows live accounts and terms of use deny a person a national standard. Eliminating the higher authority for the benefit of their own standard. Maybe I only see my delusion, and only believe Microsoft ‘s been associated to the tri-states television network.

If I hadn’t ever read that one section I’d still be using my Xbox Live account. All other sections were acceptable, because they focused on the Xbox product.

To all the bloggers I love; I suppose suffering is more powerful than any imagining of sensuality. Thus the delusion is a thing for those imagining  places of wonder and delight.

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