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Within the fabric of deceit, I’m reminded of why I question my makers purpose. The nature of me being, and this inevitable escape from how being’s defined. Occasion after occasion, I imagine our dark mistress reaching to caress my presence while she insists I hear her say I’m far less than adored. I question how being defined as a tool of fabrication this legacy is. For the father of lies I’m device every lying tongue seeks when searching refuge from themselves. though within our heart I’m a misrepresentation to those using the same device to administer deliverance unto their salvation. Unto our mistress I’m a device for her sins increase. Unto salvation, I fear this thing’s a thing renounced because this thing’s despised. Thus! I lament within me while enduring the storm’s threshold. Assuming her gesture contradict  her words. Unto the first perhaps I will always be our righteousness presence. For this thing selfsame decor. For the deviant, perhaps I am selfsame corruption unto wicked things. From her gesture  a  sinner I am, tempted of sins devices. A gate-keeper between vexation and realization of what our purpose is as defined. Let the truth of vanity hide behind the charade of peace no longer. Vain deceit stains humanity creating opportunity of being defined less than acceptable. A delusion dictated from desperate, frightened dictators. Mass of fabricated promises separated as a result of fault. The covenant seeks  the prince of peace but reject classless, race-less and sexless communist societies. They live behind the fantasy appearance they create for themselves while denying the steadfast standards their dictators created. Nearing the end of my fantasy I ask what this mistress gains from this many levels of manipulation. Is the benefit the same for all delusional participants of this existence? Perhaps her caress is enough to defy the things I fear? Will she conquer the cynicism of a faithful heart?

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The time I’ve lived, appears long. The walks I walk through my garden, even longer. Because of the love, and affliction I endure for my mistress, my walks always produce fruit of some parallax like experience. Contrasting the things I think are real, and the things I know are unreal I shall endure each engagement with her, among the fruited contradictions of this garden. While I watch her frolic with the voided idea of obsession, I wonder what additional experiences she’ll write. Will her newest device be with likeness of our constitution? Many standards of contradiction, employee device of rectification. By the sword men live, and eat at the same table as their adversary. A person is subject for creating their own delusion. By chance, the most peculiar of human device, becomes simpler to wield in time. Life’s grandest feats, become less broad within a similar distance of time. Like many current productions. Many of those productions telling tales of glamour and fame. Many of those women wearing a hue of blue , and some the same color of my automobile. I might believe any entertainment production containing a female wearing anything close to that blue is deliberate. If the intentions of those scenes and their accordance to the date any television network began using that color. And only after I bought that steel-blue pearl coat effect Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited edition. In the given predicament, I must honor our dark mistress for purging such a concept of opportunity my conscience. Opportunity to lick the sweat off the toe of such famed female celebrity, or requesting I be honored in the federal court of law to affront all the negligent persons of my legacy. I could never decline my mistresses offer to entice my imagination. The image of Sarah Michelle Geller wearing lingerie wove of fabric, and died in the best hue of blue. Or to read Dean Koontz new novel to discover an obscure relation to Evanescence. Only increasing my suspicions of what influences such beautiful women of our entertainment world. All those parallelisms and the characteristics of their function in a runtime environment like Microsoft’s’ IIS, resemble characteristics of Biblical prophecy or fundamental structure of the things written in the Bible. I can only imagine why those applications function resemble all things transpiring from the first covenant of The Old Testament. Considering most legacy I’ve studied include font, word or translation of written word. A tempting delusion I created by the hands of a destiny writing queen. Writings tantalizing the imagination for things real and unreal. The things many minds have but are not satisfied without absolute being consumed by absolute sin. If I profited from any of the things I know are real, I would only do an in-justice for the things I know are not. Despite the seeds I have sewn in the ground of our Nation, the purpose of things in-just wither and are sewn again.As supposed prophecy approaches a full circle, what will everyone else think about the scores of association between myself and many things I write about. Being born in the year of the dragon and associating Ouroboros to the book of Leviticus. Being born under the sign of Ares to read about the last human sacrifice given by the god of Abraham. Maybe the fact my name and those things coincide with all things administered in the same literature, and some parallel literature since that era. I know I shall delight in the will of my mistress, and her idea of how to gratify the ego until the real things outweigh the things unreal. Why do we believe as we believe? I left all the comma splices and fused sentences in this post for those who believe as they believe.

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If a person will understand where, and why things occur, that person must acquire a definite knowledge for more complex things. If a person is to understand those things, that person, must acquire an understanding of spoken word. For each word, or group of words, there is opportunity for obscure, intent. Paradigm, defines the use of vocabulary, and the structure for each metaphor or allegory used for characterizing a topic. A living legacy of silken strands, from our dark queen by comparison. An ensnaring network of relevance, aswell as device for encouraging idea of things being defined.

This legacy, is grammatically delicate as crystal but solid as iron. Stipulating things of a real world. Those same things, can nearly encourage idea for things, unreal. Mass-media, for example uses many variations of parallel science, religions, and social structure for entertainment purposes. Each production characterized by particular terms. Those, are the terms used to create paradigms we find in each. Over time, only one structure is a true product of many. Those structures are then mediated in like accord of our dark mistresses uses of those things. Those structures, are what we might refer to as tools for psychological influence.

From active literature, my name is among the clandestine topics we study and administer. By the device of our dark mistress, we judge, and are subject of judgment. For love, and likeness of our queen, we enact, and re-enact occurrences, we must believe occurred thousands of times before our birth. Mediums of unknown origin, we walk in the shadow of our maker. She’s been a seamstress for love, and of things we despise before the origin of things, prodigal. Regardless of being in form of paragraph, sentence or grunt, the mistress has influenced our creativity. The legacy of kings, were inevitably written with relevance and with like accord. We could all walk with cautious steps, but for some of us destiny is un-controllable.

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                              Experiencing lifes’ clandestined surprises, I never thought they could occur, so quickly. That dark,

 alluring  mistress, has surprised me in a most peculiar fashion. I shall probably never know her as anything other than

 my mistress of despair. Again I translate, by aid of my dark muse, the character andpersonality of carnal violators. I’m

 certain maybe the affair betwixt my mistress and I might only be justified by the actions of my mistress. For the

ravaging hunger of despair, generated from the want and need of something she and I already possesses I’m certain

these things have befallen me. As I witness all those minds the righteous seed and the hosts that seed was sewn in I

wonder how mediators exist. Despite the hand life was given to us, lifes’ grand  design is disregarded and taken for


                               I’m certain my dark muse plucked her instrument  compelling by her grand will. Due to the nature of the

things manifest, from the song I sang. Using an ancient paradigm  I ad-libbed more lyric than many  current musician or

author. Many thing from that knowledge, and the things transpiring were not accounted for until the day my mistresses

alluring will, compelled me to act. By chance, Amy Lee could have written anything unparalleled compared to

the purpose of those songs, I might have kissed my mistress good-bye. Though the recent writings of Amy,  persuaded

me to pursue my lust for a darker despair. I do hope everyone understands the things many people have forgotten over

the last century. Those things too many people have neglected in their productions. Mass media, depends

on  applied science, and literature  for purpose of their existence.

                               Behold , as I have played the herald bringing the works of my dark mistress unto the hearts of the those

reaping the fruit of despair. Again, my mistress has woven mad things into the fabric of my mentality, and  I am her

child. Because I am her child, I’m assured I will live to tell tales of grief and lust. These things also approach living

things and all those things are subject to their creator.

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