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From one place Humanity’s foundation support life for each living soul. From that same place, one image of love’s created in-spite of the things needed of everyone. Like the two-edged sword, forged in the heat of desire romance and the romantic exist within the same standards of being infatuated of humanity. One being the inheritor of the one legacy while all others parallel. Because I’m not Christ but society peers on as his body, my action as a lover shall defy the body, and justifying the standards of true romance as stipulated by black-smiths of romance. Because the seed of human will’s sewn long before this love crafts perfection we inherit sin and taste the sight of lovers like adversary battling for favor of the field. Because of the already existing evidence of my legacy I offer myself for your indulgence  Because I’m a sinner I must accept your decision as just reward for a sinner. If that be God‘s will, we shall be as the sword to the body. If I’m denied the act of being your want then I stand smitten because of my imperfection. From everlasting to everlasting this blade this song and this act be empowered. This selfsame day man shall recognize the epitome of his demeanor. Without perfection man shall be cast aside as scrap. Because our inhibitions tempered with the hammer, our unity stands as everlasting sin. Sin against sinner, or sinner rewarded for sin. From the maker’s hand our foundation’s obscured. With our heart we find our maker’s will and rediscover our need of others. the vow of a woman promises a man he’ll never fall beneath the veil of his darkest sin. For love we stand united to conquer those things devised for our failure. Divided I’m only an image ideal to the author.

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Remembering your expressionless appearance, I think of my response and how you expect me to respond. My hand pressed firm against my imprisonment I remember not knowing the feeling of your hand touching me. Along with your apathetic gaze I wonder if the next insinuation of you knowing what you’ve read or haven’t read’s going to emerge from that self-same emptiness. For love I subject this vessel for your entertainment. Juggling as the marveling of jugglers, I wait for increase of our sins. As allurement of any trained juggler with her one object routine frolicking around placing that object anywhere her trained profession permit. Will only few of those sins increase or shall we entice of them all? For your touch is worth more than mere suggestion. The contact juggler might be limited by circumstance, but intent of your heart is bound unto more than a single embodiment. Contact requires a touch, despite the intent behind the action. Because I’m a sinner being teased of your intent and the extremes of being teased I’m forced to delight in you actions. Though my restricted response within the embodying of this crystal prison  my want is not. Because I’m a juggler of this self-same will I wish your touch. Not for pleasure,but for rationalizing  pleasing acts. Balancing our inhibitions this transition occur, and we shall ponder upon a thing given to us for pondering. Now you’re within the crystal globe and I’m without satisfaction of your loathing touch. Because I’m now expressionless fear not the idea you’ve discerned, but continue loving this self-same day.We live within time ecstatic as we shall dwell within each other’s heart. Love is a thing capable of being presented from every walk of life but being loved is a thing experienced within the experience.

To all bloggers I love; let us experience  recollection of a thing obscured for the sake of us. Without we might never pursue it’s meaning.


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If the afterlife meant despite being dead our eye still sees what our soul wants to see, I choose thee as my icon to see for eternity. Extracted from your place as the apple of my eye and dressed in your prismatic membrane I loath to adore thee. Dressed abundantly of blessed and futile tongues from sin spoke vainly . Naught, uttered of, as we fill that space with things we expect to see after submitting our vision filled of apathetic like feelings. Let us fill from within mine emerald eye the sanctity thou demand being encompassed by. For that garment of righteousness does suit the better than being imprisoned within only delusion of distant want. Because the eye is the window to the soul I only accept being forced to gaze into void and emptiness if my delusion cannot prove me less delusional. Stand before me and live beyond the green of mine eye. Stand before and dwell beyond the emerald dream. The end of the dream is that moment we’re enlightened by illumination of the thing our sins create for us. Self centered this ting can shame me. Leaving me unrewarded to stare into the dark of loneliness and oceans of being forgotten. Take this thing we share and enable us. For us this delusion is what you wanted. Because you’ve spoken those things my idea of what you are , is it not the same? Will I parish entombed of wretched things I imagined in vain? Will I parish or were you bounding yourself unto dominion of sin and sinner? will you be my master, or shall I subject myself into slavery unto sin? Hidden within this dream is the name thou gave me. The name I shall know you as. your name I stitch into the fabric of our being and let it shine throughout the reaches of this nothing.

To all bloggers I love; sometimes the literal existence of life is bewildering. Other times it can deliver us into a world we accept as our reality.

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Suppose Radar Love’s re-created for my mind only. Maybe my definition of that title’s altered due to female law enforcement type roles within television productions. Art thou pursuing me because I’ve fled? Attempting to elude your cleverness under natural propelling force. Like our tables  ball, you purse me anticipating our path and me essence return unto you. Now your anticipated move’s overwhelmed your judgment, and my path’s measured frantically. In the games balance of precision verses determination each button pressed flings pop culture deep into another frenzy. Will your iconic conviction bring me into your court, or will your efforts weigh us down? Are you pursuing me because I fled, or have my convictions mislead me? Perhaps I’m blind to that precise reason I’ve become your subject. Despite why that’s important we’re still under the glass surface of our playing field.

Due to succession of events, we’ve opportunity to complete the cycle of the sphere. Because of our patients those events have brought forth fruit for our efforts, and the ball is returning as a test of skill. We can exaggerate the real intent of those devices until the product we’ve held in hand feels better than good. Those things we hold have potential for being accepted without being acted upon. Within this nexus of control sin is absolute power. Occasionally all sinners need magna-save before evaluating their bearing. I’ve asked too often the question ” what am I supposed to do with idea when given, if I’m reaping nought , and have nothing for justice for those gifts.” When will the coin slot be filled, and the ball sent forth again? how long will our subject bounce between hosts and plunge into their obscure façade, despite seeing our reflection on that tables surface? 

To all bloggers I love; continue survey with your scope. Pursue not those things there of you’ll reap nought.

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How will our actions define our intention. Suppose we return for rejuvenation of days in deliverance. Suppose we return to resonate sins of the heart to rhythms of how they’re defined. For belief we violate sanctity of real things we’ve wanted with things we grant power, but no-longer pursue of after those things become vague impressions of our now. For those nibbling from the bread of plenty enticing the idea of perpetual sensuality, and then submitting the deed unto into the hand of the abyss the things we’d accept as real desire cast into nought in an act of sin. Sinning greater and more dangerous sin, for who? For what? Why submit thyself  to sin sins of lust and envy, but unto those things cast thee our faith into darkness for not. Certainly I’ve not accepted any bindings, being bound with thee for reaping nothing of reward un-condemned. For your repeated offense, and condemnation of faith, return hence for the path thou follow for guiding you unto you. If thou return hither to gather the fruit of unwanted Sin, let us both be accused of sinning unwanted sin, so we shall be cast in unto never-ending darkness.  Let us retrieve the sins of our loved and cherished. Their heart’s tethered unto life’s song. because in the abyss, we’re separated by space and time. Like wise is the distance great betwixt thee and me where we’d strive through Sin’s delusion. Let our journal defy unwanted dreams of desire. For things clandestine our sins shall be untainted. Here thou hast been granted eternity of living dream. Here thou established reason to proclaim employment as sins repeat offender. For eternity our word as written shall be man’s function. For sin, our hearts beat within us now. Our hearts beat with tempo of faith renowned.

To the bloggers I love; delusion is for the deluded, but lies are for the evils of this world.

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Because of sin’s nature, each time I peer into admiration I ponder about the origin of admiration. Created from man’s rib our origin’s recorded for us to revise and admire. Thou read not the word recorded for not knowing. Though to gratify our soul’s heart thou did partake of our harvest. Feeding our ego from essence of things we admire. From a woman we’re re-born into self. For being admired men shall inherit life from the womb of woman. Thus, from  want a woman seeks, so shall men pursue them. In our thoughts meditating from the path of faith and righteousness, our perception of admiration grows into a thing desired. Because our nature’s spoke to become a living thing we’re only admiration’s reflection of things pursued.  If untainted from un-fleshly things we’re tainted we can’t see  manifestation of spoken adoration.

When spoke those sought things shall overwhelm the soul of mundane things and taste sweeter than that concept of admiration. For admiration we ingest things of adoration with sin. For the multitude we shall be filled of delight. From the sins of women, and the cliché of things woman pursues sin’s contrast of those things shall become un-biased. Through confession those things become magnified for feasting of multitudes. Sin gave unto us woe, but unto woe Sin’s legacy. The mouth of the righteous shall be sweeter than sin itself. Every kiss shall bring forth within us essence of admiration. Everything admired shall fill us, and we shall be filled to feel as admiration appears.

Recite thou from doctrine of sin inherited, before the multitude of our souls court. For sin, word transpires unto taint of  sin un-confessed from our heart. From woman I’m born. From woman we receive nourishment. Legacy passed on to humanity from sins evolution. From the merchants reliquary of bad habits we, shall suffer not. Within us shall be seed of admiration breathed into and unto us by life and life’s giver.

To all the bloggers I love; too many biased cliché limit our imagination.

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During season of change,nought manifests for not, and that transition bringeth forth reaping. Through fields of indecision and of things undecided, we walk. Contrasted in indifferent things, and conflicted our garden lie un-veiled for those having eyes. Stand thou, within the multitude of fruit feast for your soul. See the thorn in-garlanded flesh of our hearts desire. Brandish thee, Sin’s scythe and reap for bounty of laboring  hither. Sin not of past indulgence, or sin of un-desired sin,  this is a thing of new indulgence. Now we’ve everlasting tomorrow without vanity,  but with abundance  of a sinner’s salvation knowing nought of nothing. In sin, we devour contradiction of sinners while being caressed with dew from heaven. For our sin we shew forth with forgiveness, a sinner’s acceptance. forgiving each sin for sins intrusion of infiltrating humanities foundation. Brandish your scythe and reap for our living. Praise thee the house  for the undead aren’t yet converted. Reap thou of the fruit, and repent for time ‘s reborn.

For all the bloggers I love; I hope this is as enticing to read as it was writing.

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