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With no questions asked I’m thinking most American task force employees wear a shield indicating their role as protector of the whatever. This shield reminds me of the family crests from the days the Clans of the UK were serious about the societies they functioned within. Badges  I’ve seen contain angelic wings, laurels (swag), and their occupation in the task force. I’m a garland believing I have direct connection to an english heritage. I don’t share my dinner table with any other race. But the task force seamlessly adopts these things for their own benefit. Somewhere some collegiate professor of the faith gave those men permits to use everyone elses heritage for the benefit of a democracy. By chance those crests change I think someone should watch over the shoulder of the person making changes, and asking questions of any changes.

Why does a person need a permit if written in the U.S. constitution are bills supporting free enterprise. Some people won’t allow another person to dig holes in their yard without a permit from the city hall, or a degree in engineering. Regardless of a pursuit in a field of education resulting in a basic knowledge of all trades and professions. From my endeavors in a University decorated with laurels, I discovered you know biochemistry if you know ohms law, if you know the difference between converging and diverging heat energy. You’ll know what causes our weather if you know how to build a bomb, and you know society if you’ve had introductory courses for college. Mans knowledge is thus limited. If you know ohms law you know computer science, and you know ratio of machine gears.

Some genealogists might tell you the Garlands assisted religious revolution of faith. From those texts a person can make analogy of man knowing of todays modern science then, and their uses relatively. If religious texts did not include those things the selfsame day would not be fathomed by people of antiquity.

I’ve had digestive problems since the F.D.A. discontinued the practice of stamping food products with a seal of approval. Somehow the task force and Military have evaded this fate and appear  healthy and strong, always. maybe from some health care plan not available for the everyday person, but available for the people living in a world of make-believe. I have a hunch, those guys wives must have permits for building extreme sandwiches.

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There are certain situations a man can become obsessed of a woman from another race or culture. The media can present those woman to a person. Eva Mendes, Maggie Q, or any of the dark complected girls from any CW television network productions will be examples used for this post. I’ve always thought a person can’t hate another person because that people is the perfect them, but not being perfect can subject a person vulnerable to judgement. I include these woman due to the nature of the entertainment productions they were affiliates of, and the nature of content those presentations. A person can feel admired as a result of any content appearing like an obscure insinuation of having those womans favor.

The fruit of imperfection growing from the seed of disorder and fantasy. The straight and narrow path lead us into deliverance from the unknown, and false infatuations for appeal of the physical world still obstructs the new path, and we stand on the threshold of perfect and imperfect things. For sustenance of our inheritance the things subjecting us to a less perfect path are not acceptable. For the things people can obsess about, we can read and write in accordance to the object of our obsession. Thus! We will stand for another lifetime as generations before us had, in the threshold of judgment. As a deed done unto our Mistress of despair, and for their persistence we accept the object of our obsession when presented. For perfection of disorder we hate them, and for imperfection we are bound to adore those objects.

Until each person can grasp the entirety of their ambitions, let our objects be in-garlanded by blossoming fruit from our masters garden. Let the deliberate imperfections we witness wear their crown of thorns but not with vainglory.

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Seldom is heard the philosophy for why a person should sacrifice anything. Today I cannot fathom a reason for  the male gender proclaiming a need to act according to the cliché of the gender. If being a man required drinking booze, or writing standards for everyone else to follow my actions might be beyond violent. Because my college education has proven my proclamations as a man I need to dominate the things I’m influenced to believe are mine. I do recall the tale of Christ, and his separating the things of God and Caesar. For survival a man acts, but there are those who refuse to act as men. The cliché demands much from humbled hearts, and resolved only from violent acts. I have heard the tale.

Violent acts from this nations military outnumber my own. This group has adorned righteousness on countless occasions undeserving, for the assumed survival of their culture. many men must stand accused of their incompetence due to the symbology of each militant merit. The difference between military culture and myself is definition of the inheritor. One fights another man’s war, and the other, rejected from war. One being employed by players of the game, the robbed and obscured from being employed. One occupying territory,and the other denied possessive rights.

Despite being the proverbial symbol of righteousness, the only sense of gratification I’ve received is from someone elses rendering. Perhaps the prodigal should adopt the cliché resulting in being adored by the opposite gender. Being adored because of illusion for self-righteousness. I can only wonder how knowing I manipulated someone into believing my tale of heroism could feel. Maybe how to feel from selling an obscure legacy belonging to someone else. Perhaps those “men” share my curiosities for the sense of independence. Perhaps “men will never know the role of a man until he acts like a man.

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If a person will understand where, and why things occur, that person must acquire a definite knowledge for more complex things. If a person is to understand those things, that person, must acquire an understanding of spoken word. For each word, or group of words, there is opportunity for obscure, intent. Paradigm, defines the use of vocabulary, and the structure for each metaphor or allegory used for characterizing a topic. A living legacy of silken strands, from our dark queen by comparison. An ensnaring network of relevance, aswell as device for encouraging idea of things being defined.

This legacy, is grammatically delicate as crystal but solid as iron. Stipulating things of a real world. Those same things, can nearly encourage idea for things, unreal. Mass-media, for example uses many variations of parallel science, religions, and social structure for entertainment purposes. Each production characterized by particular terms. Those, are the terms used to create paradigms we find in each. Over time, only one structure is a true product of many. Those structures are then mediated in like accord of our dark mistresses uses of those things. Those structures, are what we might refer to as tools for psychological influence.

From active literature, my name is among the clandestine topics we study and administer. By the device of our dark mistress, we judge, and are subject of judgment. For love, and likeness of our queen, we enact, and re-enact occurrences, we must believe occurred thousands of times before our birth. Mediums of unknown origin, we walk in the shadow of our maker. She’s been a seamstress for love, and of things we despise before the origin of things, prodigal. Regardless of being in form of paragraph, sentence or grunt, the mistress has influenced our creativity. The legacy of kings, were inevitably written with relevance and with like accord. We could all walk with cautious steps, but for some of us destiny is un-controllable.

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