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A happy Thanks Giving for those exaggerating the worst of the season for entertaining their need for the pleasantries of this holiday.  I try not to remember certainty of that woman’s voice when she told me things only get worse. avoiding all negative labels, words and phrases choosing every topic and means of describing anything’s difficult, occasionally. Thinking of purpose for words like abolish, and criminal I declare, we’ve obviously need to rid ourselves of something somewhere. In spite of all things fantastic, groups of people decided something’s not great all the time.

I’ve experienced things like hearing words and phrases I’ve used while communing with others from select members of civilization . Most of them tattooed and speaking the exact words and phrases I’ve used. Due to those people’s absence of those scenes  I have no need to question why other people ever needed a reason to create words for describing something. I’ve considered those people’s sins as borderline contradictory, after comparing their intention to my own. Some of those people emerge with educations equal to my own, but never implying where those acts transpired. Or what allowed them to eavesdrop as they transgress into villain like predator. Anything you can do, I do slightly better. Needless to say, avoiding conversation when complaining appears to wedge itself into your otherwise delightful occasion’s difficult. I’m trying to compare incidents like new episodes of Nikita and any similarities to recent blog posts to those occasion we all complain instead of merrymaking, but during this time I cannot. Due to complaining all acts of rejoicing because of those similarities overpowers all things beneficiary. I think joy’s depression’s funny mask, and we can’t elude laughing despite using double negatives for describing that consuming thing.

To all the bloggers I love; I wish in hope of pleasant things being bestowed upon you. I assume we need to laugh at that evil ,bad thing and watch it float under the bridge.

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