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Microsoft has incorporated many proprietary applications for their products and our intent of using their products. Like the American military‘s core function around and in accordance to biblical things, Microsoft has their ASP.NET server. The Microsoft server used with Microsoft web browsers to authenticate data in any state of its transference. Because the MSN home page changes randomly, , the data received in our homes, on our desktops are re-assembled as often as those home pages change. This sets a proprietary environment for Microsoft users, especially if those users also have Microsoft gaming consoles. However, lIke a military having other worldly cultures, races and believes pushed on them despite their honoring translations of prophesied biblical kings, Microsoft battles the same fight against Sun Microsystems, twitter, and face book. Those sites use video apps and assembly languages not directly supported by a Microsoft platform. Another non proprietary obstacle is the internet service provider. All providers I’ve had service with require Java, or some other non-proprietary device or product for use of their service. many offer internet security, but the required apps usually conflict with the Microsoft platforms requiring nonproprietary system adjustments the runtime environment. According to the Bible There is no nation worthy of fly the garlands, or laurels while forcing people to accept all things non proprietary. Because I’m going to proclaim the right to say there is no Christ big enough, and no world power strong enough not to avoid conflict due to their arrogance in these circumstances. Christ would not have worn the crown of thorns, and those Military super powers would have adorned righteousness without someone sharing similar understandings of worldly things as I do. Core military operations revolving around people decorated in those symbols only mean the core operations function as the God of Jacobs forces did from the Old testament. According to the Bible Proprietary is god and the things of god were god. That’s a kingdom of god and the inheritance  for future generations of god. including the crown, the garment, the people , the race, the culture, and all other fields included by humanists practicing relative practices on Earth. From the Army recruit, to the R.O.T.C., the chaplain, and the brigade support groups on the field of battle, the Laurels are your honor. Not your ticket to force world unity and free love into the hearts and minds each generation as they grow. I’m wondering if the worlds military powers would allow me to present their nations history with proof in accordance to their standards now, and strip the righteousness from their garb.

To all the bloggers I’ve loved, there is recent conflict in Turkey. 😉

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