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Listen to my song.

      For some of us, being denied any or all expectations of one’s capabilities is like being serenaded by the mistress of despair. However, we all might enjoy the troubadour standing on the darkened rainy corner of our lives. As expected of everyone walking in the grand illusion of ambition and desire, thus I walk in the shadow of the Humanist. Having some understanding of religious association to science, and how the humanists have made definitive conclusions for what  people expect of themselves. Despite their efforts, people will live in the shadow of our Mistresses song.

       I have discovered and rediscovered myself in everything man has been given by fate.  Allegory and metaphor, has manipulated the hearts of many in some psychological  aspect of our fate. I will continue to walk in the shadow of our mistress, and only hope the association of my family name, in comparison to the real world prophecies of world religions. We inherited the earth, and with that inheritance we also inherited social structure in the shadow of our Mistress.

         Structure brings us nigh unto our Mistresses purpose for not allowing everyone to practice real world sciences, so we need not strive toward spiritual gratification. Though an understanding for why the American constitution has brought us closer to unending civil war, and delusion of what we expect of ourselves. Because the darkest of mistresses cannot erase the truths I have unearthed from an American education I can make any proclamations of prodigal proportions. Should our Mistresses song include a continued administration of anything regarding me indirectly, everyone can never avoid or erase what has been passed down from generation to generation. In my garden, relevance will always be self-evident.

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