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Due to the constant changes of Microsoft’s live spaces, I am using the Office web apps, to leave messages for mail contacts. I’m not certain of who reads the shit I post in my Sky-drive, but evidentially a relationship exists between that shit, and everyday shit from the entertainment industry.

More conspicuous however,   occurring while engaged in conversations with myself. I was closing Microsoft’s ” FORZA-MOTORSPORT4,” navigating to the Xbox dashboard and thought about the chef from ” The Muppet Show.” The Swiss chef. The following day, Shakira Ripoll’s pictures among those of Bing’s daily photos. Clicking on that particular group of  photo, I’d discover  another, accompanied with “Waka, Waka, Waka,” in the  heading. I was also thinking about the ” gold member” and the benefits of having a gold member account. The gold member material ‘s in todays photos.

I keep thinking I’ll need a gun for carrying. I also continue thinking I’ll use it eventually, because I don’t have any fucking privacy! My conclusions of not having any goddamned privacy are because I wasn’t using a microphone during this conversation. Against police, military, the rich and the goddamned arrogant sons of bitches dwelling in seclusion from my viewing them!!! After studying alternating current a persons s conclusion for not being able to avoid the eyes and ears of that ever-present entity’s similar if not exact. Under presence of the digital-eye only the person seated at the consoles feel secure. somehow a person’s online identity doesn’t matter. If you can’t use your true identity who’s being blamed?

Why in hell does Microsoft send e-mail offering money to survey participants? This appears rhetoric, but my intentions aren’t rhetoric.

To all the bloggers I love; I think some piece of shit’s determined to see some serious happenings involving me before they die.

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