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From the bleak enthusiasm readers are showing, I thought I’d attempt to make an analysis by changing topics. I thought If I wrote about the demands of people instead of their neglect for real world fact, my blog might be read on the desktops of new readers, but entice their libido. Many people write about things most appealing to them, and the things they think their peers get influenced. If I wrote about acceptance of sin many people would never understand, but If I write about my infatuation of being naked , and watching naked people, people would think there’s a difference. For hours we can sit watching porn and wonder if the producers enjoy presenting this material to a people, and why. I also determined from being watched and dictated by ex addicts of why those questions don’t need answered. I could sit and allow some totally strange person dictate myself into their fantasies without sacrificing the chicken, but still using the oil. Considering the exploits of one person by many strangers already, making pornography so the blessed of entertainments people get their share of the loot is not out of the question. Filling the minds of sinners not stilling music, or sketches with images they prefer would be a good deed. Most of the adult industry has already had price tags applied, despite the right to enjoy ourselves while living. Most of those adult items by people associated to the thieves of show biz. In the Bible, If I had favor in the sight of God, chances are I might stand before him naked for the same reasons. Participating in intense acts by the dozens might keep a person healthy, I’m visual proof of what the effects of being taken for granted appears like. I think people have asked far more from far less knowing people.

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