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My intention of this article’s to focus on logic, and physical skills a person needs before facing the outcome of miscellaneous choices. The photos in this article include My Jeep and phases of rebuilding its engine. first I need to induce emphasis on why to separate each bolt for each part of anything you work on if you engage in activities like overhauling engines. I don’t enjoy spending too much time searching for something if I would’ve avoided it. Taking each bolt and nut from each part, I labeled freezer bags for easier means of locating the correct fastener during re-assembly of the engine. I experienced damage from another origin during repairs before the over haul process. I’m certain not from my negligence, but damage occurred despite me. Some times bolts get loosened despite being able to bench press over 300 lbs. My analogy of those incidents being time, space anomaly or the neighborhood watch gone rogue is un-conclusive.

4.7 liter 287 cubic inch

 As a result of managing each part and fastener, all fasteners accounted for and secure, except one bolt on the oil-pan assembly. Space , time anomaly, or because the prying eyes of something else. 

By chance you’re curious about my definition of space, time anomaly, I use that as a description for un-explainable occurrences like the time the car slipped of the jack and you felt certain you would’ve sustained injury, but by some phenomena you didn’t. Maybe better described as the apparent alteration of you favorite book after comparing it’s content between two different readings of it. Time and chain covers don’t lose themselves, and neither do oil-pan bolts.

Since I bought this Jeep, I’ve noted scores of un-explainable occurrences involving it. Monday November, 19 2012 I cleaned and polished all its windows. Wednesday morning I noted substance spattered on the glass of the lift-gate and not a drop on any of the other windows. I suspect any part of this Jeep furthest from a person’s vision if they’re looking out the door is susceptible to this type of incident.

partially rebuilt 4.7 liter v8 engine.

 I wonder if any other Jeep owners get suspicious of scratches, dents, or loosened bolts. Perhaps the Cherokee models gets more attention from vandals than other’s, due to some cliché a person’s corrupted of. Battle scars for a savage Indian warrior; a cliché concocted of people worse than villainous types. Oh yeah! Don’t let me forget the malfunctioning electronic system after visiting any local auto parts store. I’m convinced many modern automobile’s equipped with some type of tracking system. If you want to pay for those features. I only think this because after I leave the stores parking lot all things electrical malfunction somewhere. Surveillance, scanners etc. A ghost hunters paradise. Don’t forget the traffic cameras ion each traffic light in town.

The Cherokee Laredo I owned before this one was full of surprises. I remember pentagrams being drawn with translucent substance in a back window before someone destroyed it during Thanksgiving day of 2010. what good is a neighborhood watch if they never see or hear anything because they didn’t.

Rebuilt 4.7 liter Jeep engine.

The oil pressure’s been dropping nearly to zero, and local parts stores sold me parts for a Laredo despite me possessing the owner’s manual.

Get your complaints about being an automobile owner here. I think if we stood in your garage we’d complain nearly the same complaint. I can’t remember being part of the crowd hearing anything else.





Jeep Grand Cherokee

I’ve bought parts containing part numbers appearing as anagrams of my home address. The center brake light of this particular Jeep has those same numbers. the first season of Nikita contained a similar Jeep, and those numbers pop up often. From every un-explained scratch, dent, episode,or malfunction, my suspicious grow into despise of the unseen thing.

For all the blogger’s I love; this Jeep ran before I over hauled it. It runs now but needs tweaked. If you do things yourself you know there’s no code of honor. Unless you’ve signed you soul over to the king pin.

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