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I’d upload many provocative Silverlight videos of myself naked and inviting everyone to join me, but I’m thinking my blog would be equally good a place to post them. Though my material’s likely to get some attention my point would still be justified by reading habits of ordinary readers. Addition of polls is a costly one. I can’t hold my head off my desk long enough to create a Poll Daddy account for entertaining myself. I’m asking myself why create one for any other purpose.

Due to the traffic my queer posts get subjected to, not only are there more negative phrases and words in the English language, but people seek those things for reference. Because I’m a sinner those videos can potentially ease the negative aspects of life and humble savage hearts. I’m convinced pleasure’s gratifying for everyone. Xbox gamers report people for anything, but blog readers thrive in the depths of sinister things. If everyone inherited the head and the tail perhaps fathoms more we’ll venture eventually rediscovering us. I’d hope all those naked celebrities despite their anguish from being exploited due to their convictions give me good ratings. Naked celebrities verses naked sinners of prodigal type.

For all the bloggers I love; those hours of sleep are long and a waste of time. My days drag on and My body’s growing with them. Game to live!!

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