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After exiting my Jeep and entering the local auto parts store I became enlightened of our national safety conduct. This enlightenment occurred while an auto parts employee and I search their inventory for parts I suspect I need to solve a gauge malfunction. That auto parts employee assisted my search for replacement parts, and advised me toward replacing one of the parts I suspected. I’m not a certified auto-mechanic, but my pursuit of an associate degree’s quite dependable. Dependable things like people are why people need automated safety features while driving. If I’m driving too close, that feature activates and my car’s speed decreases. Apparently many drivers can’t keep the required distance from other cars while traveling under high-speed situations. I can remember witnessing several commuters getting citations for driving too close to cars in front of them. Perhaps law enforcement’s making an attempt of prevent pulling traffic violators over, and endorsed safety features for our commuting experiences.

I know my associate degree doesn’t coincide with traffic violations, but I’m trying hold emphasis on maintaining self composure for my safety and everyone else. Despite those faithful words used to define man’s equality, there are those people getting stronger from recreational drugs, or from family members employed in medical fields. Not all people are executing hundreds of dead hang chin-up repetitions to atone to their equilibrium for keeping both hands on the steering wheel.  Because I drive ten and two, I’m thinking chin-ups are aid maintaining that composure. I’m a sinner, and I can execute over a hundred dead hang chin-up repetitions. Because I’m a ten and two sinner, every time I tighten down my lug-nuts using a bolt tightening sequence I think of reasons Nikita needs a wheel man.I think this because I couldn’t drive using both hands on the wheel before I executed all those chin-up repetitions. I’ve always wondered why those implications toward that capability being a required physical ability from our military. I’m certain those loony-toon types support us sinners. I’m sure I’ll remember that while racing those Need For Speed races. If you can hold both hands on your composure.

To all bloggers I love; being governed is only bad when good people get hindered. Thus! Please take those logical standards into consideration while engaged in any activity involving other people. Our constitution, and the book of our faith supports our right of equality until violated with foreign standards.

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Suppose Radar Love’s re-created for my mind only. Maybe my definition of that title’s altered due to female law enforcement type roles within television productions. Art thou pursuing me because I’ve fled? Attempting to elude your cleverness under natural propelling force. Like our tables  ball, you purse me anticipating our path and me essence return unto you. Now your anticipated move’s overwhelmed your judgment, and my path’s measured frantically. In the games balance of precision verses determination each button pressed flings pop culture deep into another frenzy. Will your iconic conviction bring me into your court, or will your efforts weigh us down? Are you pursuing me because I fled, or have my convictions mislead me? Perhaps I’m blind to that precise reason I’ve become your subject. Despite why that’s important we’re still under the glass surface of our playing field.

Due to succession of events, we’ve opportunity to complete the cycle of the sphere. Because of our patients those events have brought forth fruit for our efforts, and the ball is returning as a test of skill. We can exaggerate the real intent of those devices until the product we’ve held in hand feels better than good. Those things we hold have potential for being accepted without being acted upon. Within this nexus of control sin is absolute power. Occasionally all sinners need magna-save before evaluating their bearing. I’ve asked too often the question ” what am I supposed to do with idea when given, if I’m reaping nought , and have nothing for justice for those gifts.” When will the coin slot be filled, and the ball sent forth again? how long will our subject bounce between hosts and plunge into their obscure façade, despite seeing our reflection on that tables surface? 

To all bloggers I love; continue survey with your scope. Pursue not those things there of you’ll reap nought.

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