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                              Experiencing lifes’ clandestined surprises, I never thought they could occur, so quickly. That dark,

 alluring  mistress, has surprised me in a most peculiar fashion. I shall probably never know her as anything other than

 my mistress of despair. Again I translate, by aid of my dark muse, the character andpersonality of carnal violators. I’m

 certain maybe the affair betwixt my mistress and I might only be justified by the actions of my mistress. For the

ravaging hunger of despair, generated from the want and need of something she and I already possesses I’m certain

these things have befallen me. As I witness all those minds the righteous seed and the hosts that seed was sewn in I

wonder how mediators exist. Despite the hand life was given to us, lifes’ grand  design is disregarded and taken for


                               I’m certain my dark muse plucked her instrument  compelling by her grand will. Due to the nature of the

things manifest, from the song I sang. Using an ancient paradigm  I ad-libbed more lyric than many  current musician or

author. Many thing from that knowledge, and the things transpiring were not accounted for until the day my mistresses

alluring will, compelled me to act. By chance, Amy Lee could have written anything unparalleled compared to

the purpose of those songs, I might have kissed my mistress good-bye. Though the recent writings of Amy,  persuaded

me to pursue my lust for a darker despair. I do hope everyone understands the things many people have forgotten over

the last century. Those things too many people have neglected in their productions. Mass media, depends

on  applied science, and literature  for purpose of their existence.

                               Behold , as I have played the herald bringing the works of my dark mistress unto the hearts of the those

reaping the fruit of despair. Again, my mistress has woven mad things into the fabric of my mentality, and  I am her

child. Because I am her child, I’m assured I will live to tell tales of grief and lust. These things also approach living

things and all those things are subject to their creator.

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