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While attending class in pursuit of an associate degree for an electronics repair technician title of the industrial technology field I never thought for a second our economy would be over 75 percent of working people’s problem. Buying simple things like communication cables wasn’t the beginning of my trouble, but is a significant trouble technicians experience. Repairing electronics demand our technicians to have knowledge of every logic gate, microchip, microcontroller,and processor available to our general-public. Additionally, where those components are in each circuit and how the circuit designer used those components is another important factor in electronics technology. A person can visit any local Radio Shack and buy programmable micro controllers for use in their hobby electronics, or to repair circuits if those circuits design include those components. Many of those components communicate with Microsoft Windows Power-shell software. this software permits users to accumulate communication environment , but communication between a computer and hobby devices need more. Communication cables connect these two objects, but parallel ports communicate through more than a single wire. Many have source voltage connections and neutral wire connections within the cables connector. Finding a communication cable manufactured for easier connection’s a difficult task. No-one really knows a cable’s designed for a communication port. The cable might look correct, but I’ve smelled smoke during experiments while using good-looking cables. Parts for hand crafting parallel ports are available to designers from the same store. However! since 2009 Microsoft has altered many things included in computer technology, and occasionally we get prompted by Microsoft for participation in survey about new Microsoft products. I participated in a windows 8 survey, and was never asked question of communication between my circuit designs and their new operating system. I answered questions about my video, photo, video game, and entertainment habits, but never in respect of my rights for a free enterprise. Anybody with an ounce of sarcasm in their heart’s noted how often they view articles containing photos despite them using nonproprietary software induced from a computer’s manufacturer. Another example of people governing people. Providing content to people so those people can give that material to someone else due to people not having software for their use. I’m wondering how our economic superpowers plan to represent themselves in the arena.

For all the bloggers I love I’m demanding my day of justice. A duel governed of a people pursuing justice for independent people. Harassment is only harassment when one party predicts the outcome of an aggressive situation of being in their own favor. Thus! Harassment is not the challenge of power as it hangs in favor’s balance . Again dueling is only illegal if you’re a victim of your own guilt. Even those governing provide officials for a clean fight. Our negotiations are create reward for our victorious. Who lives according to our rules?

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