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Is life over when a person submits to the Facebook entity? I thought I could tell myself not to ever venture down that path, but I had to feel like part of the gang. Needless to say, I collapsed and created my Facebook.

Many features seem promising. Being able to link my WordPress with my new Facebook account was potentially promising. I’ll still never quite understand why Microsoft supports Facebook, but discontinued affiliation between themselves and WordPress. I guess the fabric’s new,but not tantalizing enough to cover Microsoft’s newest Surface. Yet, again! Pins left in the seam tend to poke through, eventually.

Some features still leave me doubting our cyber bearing as free thinkers, and free thinkers venturing into technology based on thought generated interfaces. I can see myself using a new Microsoft product before I see myself on my toilet thinking for task completion on newer technology manufacturers. AS free thinkers we might all agree before we can think the task complete, we must focus on the outcome of the things we’re ingesting.

To all bloggers I love; I’ve created my Facebook. I’ll try to keep my time line, fabric things short and as little as possible.

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