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Sometimes life leads us on sub-journey of sorts. Patents, meals, healthcare or legal aid. All function atop safety standards ,but not all are not as prosperous near the journey’s end. I’ve experienced medical treatment in a not as acceptable, or expected accord. I’ve ingested meals from public restaurants, I believe sold me the meals not suitable for consumption, and bought products violating some form of safety violation according to their design. Because I believe too many things subject people to unsafe situations from our local merchandise outposts, I’ve thought about revising OSHA‘s safety regulations.

I’m wondering how many people visit auto-parts vendors with intent of purchasing replacement parts. Despite knowing those parts manufacturer is a third-party manufacturer, or the part is among those already used. I don’t want to imagine how many people accepted into a hospital for deliberate abuse of the veins. I expect many certified mechanics demand the required bolt for a repair or some persons safety gets neglected.

Because of my choice of profession, safety certification of some degree is mandatory. Knowledge of safety gear, chemical labels, and the use of proper replacement parts, and material is constantly practiced. My safety certification is valid through 2019. I never search for diverse endings, though I unearth them regularly. The first come first serve motto is one of the many clichés among those thriving in our economy. I suspect auto-mobile manufacturers don’t favor customers buying parts from un-proprietary manufacturers, but I’m stumped about the economic unity. I’d swear I get served more foul experience than I deserve. I think that plate of advanced gut disease has potential for sustaining my appetite.

I’m praying our wonderful Government grants me the money to pursue knowledge of my heritage, other trades,and the college confirmation of understanding who,what and where we are wholly. According to a diverse constitution, I deserve millions of dollars for education because of where we are, and what we know now.

To all the bloggers I Love; maintain your integrity, be safe and considerate for all things.

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