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While watching Monday Night Raw, two weeks of wrestling entertainment crowded every vacant space for thought in my mind. AJ’s drama scenes brought to my mind my name. Somehow during recent pay-per view events Dean Ambrose emerged with little warning. Dean and the two other members of a resistance group calling themselves “The Shield.” A small band of men kicking or punching competitors they believe are fighting for less than a just cause a couple extra times. Though all eligible aspects of any theory I’ve published here is more detailed than the rendition drawn from another’s hand’s brought little or no justice to my cause. I don’t think I’ve any reason for not watching re-shows of “No Reservations.” Anthony’s probably been done justice for sake of all things obscured during more than one episode. Of course, by mind allows me to believe at least one episode’s obscured to some degree of all things obscure. Without a doubt, I’ll be asking myself what Anthony was doing in Hawaii. More importantly, why can I convince myself and others believe he’s done an obscure thing.

 Apathy, conflict of interest, and how we view those things for things they’re destined, only diluted injustice exist. Windows 8, such as allows owners of old computers certain functionality of their new product. Our need for a touch screen monitor and 32-bit rendering software we didn’t need for 32-bit resolutions appear as the difference. computer manufacturers included non-proprietary rendering software with their Windows computers before now, so maybe Microsoft’s focusing our attention toward problems from our past. Due to the Masses, and their presentation of bewildering things I think I often ramble aimlessly.

For all the Bloggers I love, I  leave this conclusion for my intention of this post. For things destined  let me stand, encompassed of desolation. In our journey, these common grounds bring us into barren places. Reaping nought, but wishing for hope filled wells. For our interpretation of things just we stand as dust in the wind. Let our enabler know in spite of being blasted of the whirlwind’s might, grace grant us time for contemplating thee and that day grace bless thee. In the desert we reap nought because nothing ‘s our only resource. Thus those things we want are something created from desperation of life living and fortitude of nothing. For nothing we have nothing and spend a life time of hard-earned money.

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