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If a person will understand where, and why things occur, that person must acquire a definite knowledge for more complex things. If a person is to understand those things, that person, must acquire an understanding of spoken word. For each word, or group of words, there is opportunity for obscure, intent. Paradigm, defines the use of vocabulary, and the structure for each metaphor or allegory used for characterizing a topic. A living legacy of silken strands, from our dark queen by comparison. An ensnaring network of relevance, aswell as device for encouraging idea of things being defined.

This legacy, is grammatically delicate as crystal but solid as iron. Stipulating things of a real world. Those same things, can nearly encourage idea for things, unreal. Mass-media, for example uses many variations of parallel science, religions, and social structure for entertainment purposes. Each production characterized by particular terms. Those, are the terms used to create paradigms we find in each. Over time, only one structure is a true product of many. Those structures are then mediated in like accord of our dark mistresses uses of those things. Those structures, are what we might refer to as tools for psychological influence.

From active literature, my name is among the clandestine topics we study and administer. By the device of our dark mistress, we judge, and are subject of judgment. For love, and likeness of our queen, we enact, and re-enact occurrences, we must believe occurred thousands of times before our birth. Mediums of unknown origin, we walk in the shadow of our maker. She’s been a seamstress for love, and of things we despise before the origin of things, prodigal. Regardless of being in form of paragraph, sentence or grunt, the mistress has influenced our creativity. The legacy of kings, were inevitably written with relevance and with like accord. We could all walk with cautious steps, but for some of us destiny is un-controllable.

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