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There are certain situations a man can become obsessed of a woman from another race or culture. The media can present those woman to a person. Eva Mendes, Maggie Q, or any of the dark complected girls from any CW television network productions will be examples used for this post. I’ve always thought a person can’t hate another person because that people is the perfect them, but not being perfect can subject a person vulnerable to judgement. I include these woman due to the nature of the entertainment productions they were affiliates of, and the nature of content those presentations. A person can feel admired as a result of any content appearing like an obscure insinuation of having those womans favor.

The fruit of imperfection growing from the seed of disorder and fantasy. The straight and narrow path lead us into deliverance from the unknown, and false infatuations for appeal of the physical world still obstructs the new path, and we stand on the threshold of perfect and imperfect things. For sustenance of our inheritance the things subjecting us to a less perfect path are not acceptable. For the things people can obsess about, we can read and write in accordance to the object of our obsession. Thus! We will stand for another lifetime as generations before us had, in the threshold of judgment. As a deed done unto our Mistress of despair, and for their persistence we accept the object of our obsession when presented. For perfection of disorder we hate them, and for imperfection we are bound to adore those objects.

Until each person can grasp the entirety of their ambitions, let our objects be in-garlanded by blossoming fruit from our masters garden. Let the deliberate imperfections we witness wear their crown of thorns but not with vainglory.

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