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Three months, and an estimated day before today I won the grand prize from a local automobile dealership. In the least bit of that incident I believed I won. I was nearly unable to walk because of my digestive disorder, but I managed to take a taxi ride into the next town to claim my prize.  I noted Six or seven prizes total listed on the mail flyer. Two sedans, or 100,000 dollars were  grand prize winner options. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th place winner prizes were electronic products and a lower sum of money. Presenting my winning flyer only prompted me to play a game of chance. I paraphrase the incident due to the image of a gambling wheel on the viewing screen of the chance machine one of the hosts led me to. Despite my argument, I walked away holding a five dollar bill of U.S. currency for my efforts.

Every time I see that Drift Alliance logo I’m reminded of that incident, Deanna Troy of the Starship Enterprise and Maggie Q. Occasionally I discover blue sedans parked beside my Jeep after exiting the local grocery store. I’d submit to my readers of that automobile makers title, but this software doesn’t recognize the spelling. Maybe for that car manufacturer’s civil rights. I’m assuming all things I experience as questionable,  WordPress software won’t recognize it. It never is. I find prosecuting Papa John’s for text messages preposterous compared to any reason I would prosecute those governing entities for writing or endorsing software limiting a person in that.

For all the bloggers I love; sometime or another we can accept receiving treatment a person gives to strangers. If we expected anything else we stand accused of denying the norms of people’s unawares. If everyone knew you because their education permitted them that sense of awareness everyone ‘d be welcome.

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