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While Watching CW I can recall asking myself if Kristin ever needed to tell someone if another person accompanying her had possession of Marijuana. During the first episode of “Beauty And The Beast,” my curious nature got touched by enlightenment. Due to some incident of that character Kristin now portrays all suspicions I have about eavesdropping devices increased. My reason of writing this post is for contrasting those popular thing free thinkers battle to have. Because not all eclectic artists smoke dope or booze some form of biasness will develop between the two subcultures. Seeing no red in Kristin’s eyes show she’s never been a marijuana smoker. However! That ad for Lady Gaga’s new fragrance generated my fondness of sensuality and of women.

Dean’s been a popular name in the entertainment industry since James drove race cars. During the nineties “The Stone Temple Pilots” performed a song about the pop-gun. Today CW’s got Dean Winchester and that magical colt battling demons for the bunch of us. these things entertain us, but our means of possessing and obtaining those things are in conflict. Facebook advertises their popular bubble games, and users can search for their favorite entertainment items. Microsoft is now insisting people already paying for internet access pay them a second fee for using their services. Evidently Microsoft’s cynicism for culture or greed for money and power’s afflicting some people. Despite the effort of egotistical, free thinking sinners I believe warfare of all types can only be part of a culture if that culture’s determined to revolt. Because our government’s set standards for the thing they think is an acceptable recruit for their war’s don’t include drug abusers. In spite of eavesdroppers like Kristin, if she continues filling my thoughts of crime fighting heroin like Catherine I’ll have no option of denying her respect.

to all bloggers I love; our cultures exact function is to vast and to complex a thing. Writing and defining it in three hundred words or less is appearing like to difficult a task.


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Many nights I’ve pondered our origin and creation told in the beginning of “The Old Testament.” Why we need bearing through the trials of life is self-explanatory. contemplating our faiths focus on god’s word from the beginning’s been magnified ten fold due to my recent discoveries. Aligning parts of a sentence isn’t common practice for those using the thing we’re taught’s functioning language. Coordinating conjunctions, and predicates seem to align themselves if they’re used improperly. Those sentence parts occasionally align, creating a net of seemingly repetitive sentence parts. However! Due to WordPress’s proofreader those improper uses get questioned when present in sentences as cliché or complex phrases. When proper grammar’s practiced the net appears as space between words and sentence parts. Because conjunction and predicate are primarily used for bearing of a sentences focal point I can associate that space to other scientific function. I like to think of that new alignment as serpent scales or parts of the cartesian grid. I’ve often heard people state proper use of grammar is not common use for them; nor, do they care.Those same people might state fish net body suits are exciting garments for both gender. Though the irony of functioning science never intrigued those free thinkers.Perhaps not everyone realizes three hundred and sixty words of essay fit perfectly on their display.

Bad grammar’s got great rhythm, but just not as erotic a tempo compared to the flow of a functioning language. We self-centered type might find sleazy literature written poorly obscene. That self consuming serpent’s maybe only merciful for those it thinks is appealing in that self-same nature. Because appeal is a thing accepted of a things and itself.

To all bloggers I love; context is only a thing for free thinkers. don’t choose the cheapest bargain if you have any doubt about the product.

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What’s a poor man supposed to do? If I told you a story about a poor man and his life experiences you probably already read my blog post to post. I’m probably only repeating myself when I hold emphasis on our law enforcement need for probable cause. Considering I bought a 2000 Jeep from a retired police officer. after driving the Jeep for two years I now can’t get rid of that damn Jeep without simply giving the fucking thing away. Today, I’m visiting a store I received gift certificates as Christmas gifts. I re-encounter a man taller than myself, but not before noting how close to that Jeep he walks each time I see him. Charleston police cruisers on the scenes have little weight to assholes now a days. I’m leaving that department store and noted some little red-headed motherfucker nearly hitting my passenger door with his door. That maggot speeds off nearly slinging gravel on that parked police cruiser before disappearing. Hard target don’t quite explain how I feel daily when encountering a society full of careless dumbass people. Then those same motherfucker insist you give them your fucking stuff after they’ve damaged your things before you ever could.

I’ve checked into mental health problems for other evaluation of my inhibitions, ego, and stipulation of societies standards as presented to me during court hearing after court hearing. I’ve been informed again, conquering society takes more than just a compelled person, but if slander hurts me, I can pursue legal action. Though CW’s female cast and crew give me more hope toward that one man’s wish for being a man, I’m sure twisting all that obscure shit can get the jury’s attention. I’m thinking “The Vampire Diaries” loser blue scene’s good enough definition of slander.

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My obsession of women and sin hasn’t any association to my shopping habits. Unless that woman thrives on our gatekeepers marketing vulgar material for masses of free thinkers. That material, and absence of pop culture material intended to enlighten admirers and stipulated as a sign of a nation making another obscure point. Nearly all modern pop-culture material fails to define non destructive reasons for unifying interracial society, like ours. Despite that material being pornography, sports, or any other material bigoted thinkers might define as obscene from the littlest opportunity. Our federal code of conduct implies obscene adult material’s not acceptable. I’m assuming, the masses need to temper their sinful nature prior of producing that material.I don’t think I’ll be hanging novelty scrotum from my trailer hitch anytime during the near future. Perhaps our civil right of higher learning also lifts our inhibitions for sake of acceptance. However! My interracial war campaign experiences is for the sake of romantic scenes of two lovers from opposite sides of the planet kissing while they stand feet from the Christmas tree under mistletoe. If my name remains obscured within our recent pop culture productions pop culture’s justified from humanities effort of rendering pop culture in its whole. From its beginning culture’s from many places of the world those beginnings appear paralleled. Now! WordPress insist on placing a price on their genius to users of their site. If WordPress knowledge exceeds that level of genius, why aren’t certain words recognized by their proof reader? Punctuation’s another feat! If their proof reader recognized all that parallel content I’d spend more time correcting any punctuation error. If we need to live in an obscene world we need characterize those things with genius tools and devices. Exaggerating a phrase due to its integrity as a phrase renders contrary results.

To all Bloggers I love; Be mindful of why we need unity. I pray we’re all rewarded for our search this holiday season.

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After exiting my Jeep and entering the local auto parts store I became enlightened of our national safety conduct. This enlightenment occurred while an auto parts employee and I search their inventory for parts I suspect I need to solve a gauge malfunction. That auto parts employee assisted my search for replacement parts, and advised me toward replacing one of the parts I suspected. I’m not a certified auto-mechanic, but my pursuit of an associate degree’s quite dependable. Dependable things like people are why people need automated safety features while driving. If I’m driving too close, that feature activates and my car’s speed decreases. Apparently many drivers can’t keep the required distance from other cars while traveling under high-speed situations. I can remember witnessing several commuters getting citations for driving too close to cars in front of them. Perhaps law enforcement’s making an attempt of prevent pulling traffic violators over, and endorsed safety features for our commuting experiences.

I know my associate degree doesn’t coincide with traffic violations, but I’m trying hold emphasis on maintaining self composure for my safety and everyone else. Despite those faithful words used to define man’s equality, there are those people getting stronger from recreational drugs, or from family members employed in medical fields. Not all people are executing hundreds of dead hang chin-up repetitions to atone to their equilibrium for keeping both hands on the steering wheel.  Because I drive ten and two, I’m thinking chin-ups are aid maintaining that composure. I’m a sinner, and I can execute over a hundred dead hang chin-up repetitions. Because I’m a ten and two sinner, every time I tighten down my lug-nuts using a bolt tightening sequence I think of reasons Nikita needs a wheel man.I think this because I couldn’t drive using both hands on the wheel before I executed all those chin-up repetitions. I’ve always wondered why those implications toward that capability being a required physical ability from our military. I’m certain those loony-toon types support us sinners. I’m sure I’ll remember that while racing those Need For Speed races. If you can hold both hands on your composure.

To all bloggers I love; being governed is only bad when good people get hindered. Thus! Please take those logical standards into consideration while engaged in any activity involving other people. Our constitution, and the book of our faith supports our right of equality until violated with foreign standards.

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While attending class in pursuit of an associate degree for an electronics repair technician title of the industrial technology field I never thought for a second our economy would be over 75 percent of working people’s problem. Buying simple things like communication cables wasn’t the beginning of my trouble, but is a significant trouble technicians experience. Repairing electronics demand our technicians to have knowledge of every logic gate, microchip, microcontroller,and processor available to our general-public. Additionally, where those components are in each circuit and how the circuit designer used those components is another important factor in electronics technology. A person can visit any local Radio Shack and buy programmable micro controllers for use in their hobby electronics, or to repair circuits if those circuits design include those components. Many of those components communicate with Microsoft Windows Power-shell software. this software permits users to accumulate communication environment , but communication between a computer and hobby devices need more. Communication cables connect these two objects, but parallel ports communicate through more than a single wire. Many have source voltage connections and neutral wire connections within the cables connector. Finding a communication cable manufactured for easier connection’s a difficult task. No-one really knows a cable’s designed for a communication port. The cable might look correct, but I’ve smelled smoke during experiments while using good-looking cables. Parts for hand crafting parallel ports are available to designers from the same store. However! since 2009 Microsoft has altered many things included in computer technology, and occasionally we get prompted by Microsoft for participation in survey about new Microsoft products. I participated in a windows 8 survey, and was never asked question of communication between my circuit designs and their new operating system. I answered questions about my video, photo, video game, and entertainment habits, but never in respect of my rights for a free enterprise. Anybody with an ounce of sarcasm in their heart’s noted how often they view articles containing photos despite them using nonproprietary software induced from a computer’s manufacturer. Another example of people governing people. Providing content to people so those people can give that material to someone else due to people not having software for their use. I’m wondering how our economic superpowers plan to represent themselves in the arena.

For all the bloggers I love I’m demanding my day of justice. A duel governed of a people pursuing justice for independent people. Harassment is only harassment when one party predicts the outcome of an aggressive situation of being in their own favor. Thus! Harassment is not the challenge of power as it hangs in favor’s balance . Again dueling is only illegal if you’re a victim of your own guilt. Even those governing provide officials for a clean fight. Our negotiations are create reward for our victorious. Who lives according to our rules?

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