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What’s a poor man supposed to do? If I told you a story about a poor man and his life experiences you probably already read my blog post to post. I’m probably only repeating myself when I hold emphasis on our law enforcement need for probable cause. Considering I bought a 2000 Jeep from a retired police officer. after driving the Jeep for two years I now can’t get rid of that damn Jeep without simply giving the fucking thing away. Today, I’m visiting a store I received gift certificates as Christmas gifts. I re-encounter a man taller than myself, but not before noting how close to that Jeep he walks each time I see him. Charleston police cruisers on the scenes have little weight to assholes now a days. I’m leaving that department store and noted some little red-headed motherfucker nearly hitting my passenger door with his door. That maggot speeds off nearly slinging gravel on that parked police cruiser before disappearing. Hard target don’t quite explain how I feel daily when encountering a society full of careless dumbass people. Then those same motherfucker insist you give them your fucking stuff after they’ve damaged your things before you ever could.

I’ve checked into mental health problems for other evaluation of my inhibitions, ego, and stipulation of societies standards as presented to me during court hearing after court hearing. I’ve been informed again, conquering society takes more than just a compelled person, but if slander hurts me, I can pursue legal action. Though CW’s female cast and crew give me more hope toward that one man’s wish for being a man, I’m sure twisting all that obscure shit can get the jury’s attention. I’m thinking “The Vampire Diaries” loser blue scene’s good enough definition of slander.

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