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Not long ago, I discovered someone favored one of my posts. This favor’s probably a result of similarities within that blog and this post. I don’t remember being courtly during any time of my life. Though, due to female singers like “Jagged little Pill’s” singer or Amy, I can imagine places for facilitating occasions of courtship. Perhaps only because both those singers share cultural values for the romantics of humanity. Sometimes I think I’ll need that third shower because I thought about something profound things. Like dating! If every person alive, lived in an environment built around faith and accepted those things for their suitable qualities during their dates we might believe any means of being infatuation’s created by our peers. By chance the place’s be dazzling or charismatic, someone might focus on their environment and not their companion. Someone in such situation might need apply too much effort for restraining themselves from grabbing things to write with. I’m under the impression our entertainment industry’s created in my imagination perfect people and places for courtship. As an example of that charisma, last night I watched Phoebe Tonkin place a crown on her head. I wanted to believe this scene’s meant to entertain my idea of courtly favor. Because a script is means for fiction’s existence in our culture, maybe that’s a good enough reason for sex toys and for entertaining habitual believers. Perhaps not every one’s lived in the fast lane, and their faith’s led them away from the norms of those graduates of life’s highway 101. Perhaps one day all courtly type discover themselves strolling around the lover’s lake. though not the classier place, a person might find the best bush for hiding behind. though those courtly type might not need reasons for hiding behind bushes.

A question for the bloggers I love; what should people sharing free time , not much money and ambitions of the courtly type expect from a society of free thinkers? Enticing that fantasy might only tantalize your ego, your inhibitions, or your class.

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While attending class in pursuit of an associate degree for an electronics repair technician title of the industrial technology field I never thought for a second our economy would be over 75 percent of working people’s problem. Buying simple things like communication cables wasn’t the beginning of my trouble, but is a significant trouble technicians experience. Repairing electronics demand our technicians to have knowledge of every logic gate, microchip, microcontroller,and processor available to our general-public. Additionally, where those components are in each circuit and how the circuit designer used those components is another important factor in electronics technology. A person can visit any local Radio Shack and buy programmable micro controllers for use in their hobby electronics, or to repair circuits if those circuits design include those components. Many of those components communicate with Microsoft Windows Power-shell software. this software permits users to accumulate communication environment , but communication between a computer and hobby devices need more. Communication cables connect these two objects, but parallel ports communicate through more than a single wire. Many have source voltage connections and neutral wire connections within the cables connector. Finding a communication cable manufactured for easier connection’s a difficult task. No-one really knows a cable’s designed for a communication port. The cable might look correct, but I’ve smelled smoke during experiments while using good-looking cables. Parts for hand crafting parallel ports are available to designers from the same store. However! since 2009 Microsoft has altered many things included in computer technology, and occasionally we get prompted by Microsoft for participation in survey about new Microsoft products. I participated in a windows 8 survey, and was never asked question of communication between my circuit designs and their new operating system. I answered questions about my video, photo, video game, and entertainment habits, but never in respect of my rights for a free enterprise. Anybody with an ounce of sarcasm in their heart’s noted how often they view articles containing photos despite them using nonproprietary software induced from a computer’s manufacturer. Another example of people governing people. Providing content to people so those people can give that material to someone else due to people not having software for their use. I’m wondering how our economic superpowers plan to represent themselves in the arena.

For all the bloggers I love I’m demanding my day of justice. A duel governed of a people pursuing justice for independent people. Harassment is only harassment when one party predicts the outcome of an aggressive situation of being in their own favor. Thus! Harassment is not the challenge of power as it hangs in favor’s balance . Again dueling is only illegal if you’re a victim of your own guilt. Even those governing provide officials for a clean fight. Our negotiations are create reward for our victorious. Who lives according to our rules?

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While watching Monday Night Raw, two weeks of wrestling entertainment crowded every vacant space for thought in my mind. AJ’s drama scenes brought to my mind my name. Somehow during recent pay-per view events Dean Ambrose emerged with little warning. Dean and the two other members of a resistance group calling themselves “The Shield.” A small band of men kicking or punching competitors they believe are fighting for less than a just cause a couple extra times. Though all eligible aspects of any theory I’ve published here is more detailed than the rendition drawn from another’s hand’s brought little or no justice to my cause. I don’t think I’ve any reason for not watching re-shows of “No Reservations.” Anthony’s probably been done justice for sake of all things obscured during more than one episode. Of course, by mind allows me to believe at least one episode’s obscured to some degree of all things obscure. Without a doubt, I’ll be asking myself what Anthony was doing in Hawaii. More importantly, why can I convince myself and others believe he’s done an obscure thing.

 Apathy, conflict of interest, and how we view those things for things they’re destined, only diluted injustice exist. Windows 8, such as allows owners of old computers certain functionality of their new product. Our need for a touch screen monitor and 32-bit rendering software we didn’t need for 32-bit resolutions appear as the difference. computer manufacturers included non-proprietary rendering software with their Windows computers before now, so maybe Microsoft’s focusing our attention toward problems from our past. Due to the Masses, and their presentation of bewildering things I think I often ramble aimlessly.

For all the Bloggers I love, I  leave this conclusion for my intention of this post. For things destined  let me stand, encompassed of desolation. In our journey, these common grounds bring us into barren places. Reaping nought, but wishing for hope filled wells. For our interpretation of things just we stand as dust in the wind. Let our enabler know in spite of being blasted of the whirlwind’s might, grace grant us time for contemplating thee and that day grace bless thee. In the desert we reap nought because nothing ‘s our only resource. Thus those things we want are something created from desperation of life living and fortitude of nothing. For nothing we have nothing and spend a life time of hard-earned money.

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My intention of this article’s to focus on logic, and physical skills a person needs before facing the outcome of miscellaneous choices. The photos in this article include My Jeep and phases of rebuilding its engine. first I need to induce emphasis on why to separate each bolt for each part of anything you work on if you engage in activities like overhauling engines. I don’t enjoy spending too much time searching for something if I would’ve avoided it. Taking each bolt and nut from each part, I labeled freezer bags for easier means of locating the correct fastener during re-assembly of the engine. I experienced damage from another origin during repairs before the over haul process. I’m certain not from my negligence, but damage occurred despite me. Some times bolts get loosened despite being able to bench press over 300 lbs. My analogy of those incidents being time, space anomaly or the neighborhood watch gone rogue is un-conclusive.

4.7 liter 287 cubic inch

 As a result of managing each part and fastener, all fasteners accounted for and secure, except one bolt on the oil-pan assembly. Space , time anomaly, or because the prying eyes of something else. 

By chance you’re curious about my definition of space, time anomaly, I use that as a description for un-explainable occurrences like the time the car slipped of the jack and you felt certain you would’ve sustained injury, but by some phenomena you didn’t. Maybe better described as the apparent alteration of you favorite book after comparing it’s content between two different readings of it. Time and chain covers don’t lose themselves, and neither do oil-pan bolts.

Since I bought this Jeep, I’ve noted scores of un-explainable occurrences involving it. Monday November, 19 2012 I cleaned and polished all its windows. Wednesday morning I noted substance spattered on the glass of the lift-gate and not a drop on any of the other windows. I suspect any part of this Jeep furthest from a person’s vision if they’re looking out the door is susceptible to this type of incident.

partially rebuilt 4.7 liter v8 engine.

 I wonder if any other Jeep owners get suspicious of scratches, dents, or loosened bolts. Perhaps the Cherokee models gets more attention from vandals than other’s, due to some cliché a person’s corrupted of. Battle scars for a savage Indian warrior; a cliché concocted of people worse than villainous types. Oh yeah! Don’t let me forget the malfunctioning electronic system after visiting any local auto parts store. I’m convinced many modern automobile’s equipped with some type of tracking system. If you want to pay for those features. I only think this because after I leave the stores parking lot all things electrical malfunction somewhere. Surveillance, scanners etc. A ghost hunters paradise. Don’t forget the traffic cameras ion each traffic light in town.

The Cherokee Laredo I owned before this one was full of surprises. I remember pentagrams being drawn with translucent substance in a back window before someone destroyed it during Thanksgiving day of 2010. what good is a neighborhood watch if they never see or hear anything because they didn’t.

Rebuilt 4.7 liter Jeep engine.

The oil pressure’s been dropping nearly to zero, and local parts stores sold me parts for a Laredo despite me possessing the owner’s manual.

Get your complaints about being an automobile owner here. I think if we stood in your garage we’d complain nearly the same complaint. I can’t remember being part of the crowd hearing anything else.





Jeep Grand Cherokee

I’ve bought parts containing part numbers appearing as anagrams of my home address. The center brake light of this particular Jeep has those same numbers. the first season of Nikita contained a similar Jeep, and those numbers pop up often. From every un-explained scratch, dent, episode,or malfunction, my suspicious grow into despise of the unseen thing.

For all the blogger’s I love; this Jeep ran before I over hauled it. It runs now but needs tweaked. If you do things yourself you know there’s no code of honor. Unless you’ve signed you soul over to the king pin.

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A happy Thanks Giving for those exaggerating the worst of the season for entertaining their need for the pleasantries of this holiday.  I try not to remember certainty of that woman’s voice when she told me things only get worse. avoiding all negative labels, words and phrases choosing every topic and means of describing anything’s difficult, occasionally. Thinking of purpose for words like abolish, and criminal I declare, we’ve obviously need to rid ourselves of something somewhere. In spite of all things fantastic, groups of people decided something’s not great all the time.

I’ve experienced things like hearing words and phrases I’ve used while communing with others from select members of civilization . Most of them tattooed and speaking the exact words and phrases I’ve used. Due to those people’s absence of those scenes  I have no need to question why other people ever needed a reason to create words for describing something. I’ve considered those people’s sins as borderline contradictory, after comparing their intention to my own. Some of those people emerge with educations equal to my own, but never implying where those acts transpired. Or what allowed them to eavesdrop as they transgress into villain like predator. Anything you can do, I do slightly better. Needless to say, avoiding conversation when complaining appears to wedge itself into your otherwise delightful occasion’s difficult. I’m trying to compare incidents like new episodes of Nikita and any similarities to recent blog posts to those occasion we all complain instead of merrymaking, but during this time I cannot. Due to complaining all acts of rejoicing because of those similarities overpowers all things beneficiary. I think joy’s depression’s funny mask, and we can’t elude laughing despite using double negatives for describing that consuming thing.

To all the bloggers I love; I wish in hope of pleasant things being bestowed upon you. I assume we need to laugh at that evil ,bad thing and watch it float under the bridge.

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Three months, and an estimated day before today I won the grand prize from a local automobile dealership. In the least bit of that incident I believed I won. I was nearly unable to walk because of my digestive disorder, but I managed to take a taxi ride into the next town to claim my prize.  I noted Six or seven prizes total listed on the mail flyer. Two sedans, or 100,000 dollars were  grand prize winner options. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th place winner prizes were electronic products and a lower sum of money. Presenting my winning flyer only prompted me to play a game of chance. I paraphrase the incident due to the image of a gambling wheel on the viewing screen of the chance machine one of the hosts led me to. Despite my argument, I walked away holding a five dollar bill of U.S. currency for my efforts.

Every time I see that Drift Alliance logo I’m reminded of that incident, Deanna Troy of the Starship Enterprise and Maggie Q. Occasionally I discover blue sedans parked beside my Jeep after exiting the local grocery store. I’d submit to my readers of that automobile makers title, but this software doesn’t recognize the spelling. Maybe for that car manufacturer’s civil rights. I’m assuming all things I experience as questionable,  WordPress software won’t recognize it. It never is. I find prosecuting Papa John’s for text messages preposterous compared to any reason I would prosecute those governing entities for writing or endorsing software limiting a person in that.

For all the bloggers I love; sometime or another we can accept receiving treatment a person gives to strangers. If we expected anything else we stand accused of denying the norms of people’s unawares. If everyone knew you because their education permitted them that sense of awareness everyone ‘d be welcome.

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Being a United States citizen from birth we inherit free thinkers. These thinkers developed thinking skills far beyond boundaries of normal people. Needing to know why people conceive idea from anything, or what those people do as a result of this birthright ‘s aroused my curiosities recently. For the obvious reasons my curiosity’s the better of my will power, I’ve recollection of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” During any episode, those characters experience dread , and forced to choose from a handful of critical choices for their survival. Because I see a relation between that television program and our united recession I bring to your attention rights of free thinkers.

Somewhere in transition our rights as free thinkers are getting lost. Our government allows product manufacturers to manufacture our culture regardless of how we see those things. I’m thinking disability recipients are now being forced to pay into banking, despite the risk of less than precise variables due to our recession and people’s lack of knowledge of those technological fields. This recession’s also appearing more and more like the thing we’re indebted to. things manufactured by the wealthy and being sold for less than manufacturing costs. I’ve always asked questions in respect for who we’re indebted. Maybe we’ve labeled those people Republicans. People policed by people thinking for everyone. I’m certain good sensible people might govern something vulnerable to biasness. I now wonder how many independent people exist as a result of that governing entity thinking for us. Maybe all reason for that political competition is fake.

I’m absolutely certain Jesus Christ would fight for free thinkers. From the gospels of the new testament his conquest against oppression’s obvious.  Perhaps people thrive from my thoughts. If she’s long legs, and umm. Maybe we’re not think the same thing. If my thoughts were influencing all humanity might respect a sinners crusade.

To all the bloggers I love; even free thinkers band in masses and eventually note this cycle of choices for survival appear’s constant. Be cautious of choices available and remember enjoying the serpent is a metaphoric subject for humanity but not the king of manipulation.

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