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Two years or more elapsed since my enlightenment in regard of my right to challenge any American authority figure because of my heritage. Only weeks have elapsed since I researched that unbelievable information. I discovered some Wikipedia article about soldiers challenging military authority to unarmed combat like engagements occasionally. Now I think because I have a reason to make such challenges, those articles vanished. According to many Wikipedia articles on U.S. civil rights movements and our constitution my birthright to walk right into any government office not upholding laws I’ve been afflicted by, to kill, beat or mutilate any person contrary to the truth. I really need to fucking use those rights to re-gain my composure in life. I’m fucking fed up about the things intended to help a person fucking them up because of fucking arrogance. You’re right to bare arms should never be enforced by people you’ve never seen. Without the sense of privacy, no-one will care if you’re carrying an assault riffle into a government building. Because the local police addressed me in soldier like fashion, I believe I can accomplish conquering my fucking problem!!!

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Ringer, and The Secret Circle canceled!!! I’m disappointed about ringer being one of CW‘s cancellations. Ringer, had the most interesting story compared to all the other CW productions. The Secret Circle’s drama was nearing overkill still but, interesting. I’m thinking CW can continue broadcast productions containing other overkill trends. All those trends kind of remind me of living life in the fast lane during college. I have to wonder television entertainment goes after the association between Microsoft’s arrogance and those productions persuade the judiciary system toward a decision.

I hope many readers derive and categorize the level of gratitude I have for arrogant of people creating my world around me, based upon  me!!! I composed  blog posts before Amy Lee and her boys release of their self-titled album. terms Like Amy Lee and her boys had better appeal compared to the word processor‘s lack of spelling knowledge of the band name. I wrote in regard of those people using things not inherently their own to profit. I’m certain, I used phrases corresponding to all those people believing they are by life on the other side of transition. Believing their maker would allow them to remind prodigality of where man’s knowledge has taken him.

I departed my clipboard recently feeling poetic. I unfortunately experienced more problems from the services I use. That reasons is why I’ve telephoned the attorney General of the U.S. again. I’m hoping myself or som-one else gets killed some time before, during or after all legal actions. Not having total control over my computing environment has placed me in another disposition. I do recall several minutes I sat thinking about any posts or post about my reason for feeling poetic.

To all the bloggers I love, more often I think a just for all unjust things is non-existent.


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