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From the bleak enthusiasm readers are showing, I thought I’d attempt to make an analysis by changing topics. I thought If I wrote about the demands of people instead of their neglect for real world fact, my blog might be read on the desktops of new readers, but entice their libido. Many people write about things most appealing to them, and the things they think their peers get influenced. If I wrote about acceptance of sin many people would never understand, but If I write about my infatuation of being naked , and watching naked people, people would think there’s a difference. For hours we can sit watching porn and wonder if the producers enjoy presenting this material to a people, and why. I also determined from being watched and dictated by ex addicts of why those questions don’t need answered. I could sit and allow some totally strange person dictate myself into their fantasies without sacrificing the chicken, but still using the oil. Considering the exploits of one person by many strangers already, making pornography so the blessed of entertainments people get their share of the loot is not out of the question. Filling the minds of sinners not stilling music, or sketches with images they prefer would be a good deed. Most of the adult industry has already had price tags applied, despite the right to enjoy ourselves while living. Most of those adult items by people associated to the thieves of show biz. In the Bible, If I had favor in the sight of God, chances are I might stand before him naked for the same reasons. Participating in intense acts by the dozens might keep a person healthy, I’m visual proof of what the effects of being taken for granted appears like. I think people have asked far more from far less knowing people.

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Microsoft has incorporated many proprietary applications for their products and our intent of using their products. Like the American military‘s core function around and in accordance to biblical things, Microsoft has their ASP.NET server. The Microsoft server used with Microsoft web browsers to authenticate data in any state of its transference. Because the MSN home page changes randomly, , the data received in our homes, on our desktops are re-assembled as often as those home pages change. This sets a proprietary environment for Microsoft users, especially if those users also have Microsoft gaming consoles. However, lIke a military having other worldly cultures, races and believes pushed on them despite their honoring translations of prophesied biblical kings, Microsoft battles the same fight against Sun Microsystems, twitter, and face book. Those sites use video apps and assembly languages not directly supported by a Microsoft platform. Another non proprietary obstacle is the internet service provider. All providers I’ve had service with require Java, or some other non-proprietary device or product for use of their service. many offer internet security, but the required apps usually conflict with the Microsoft platforms requiring nonproprietary system adjustments the runtime environment. According to the Bible There is no nation worthy of fly the garlands, or laurels while forcing people to accept all things non proprietary. Because I’m going to proclaim the right to say there is no Christ big enough, and no world power strong enough not to avoid conflict due to their arrogance in these circumstances. Christ would not have worn the crown of thorns, and those Military super powers would have adorned righteousness without someone sharing similar understandings of worldly things as I do. Core military operations revolving around people decorated in those symbols only mean the core operations function as the God of Jacobs forces did from the Old testament. According to the Bible Proprietary is god and the things of god were god. That’s a kingdom of god and the inheritance  for future generations of god. including the crown, the garment, the people , the race, the culture, and all other fields included by humanists practicing relative practices on Earth. From the Army recruit, to the R.O.T.C., the chaplain, and the brigade support groups on the field of battle, the Laurels are your honor. Not your ticket to force world unity and free love into the hearts and minds each generation as they grow. I’m wondering if the worlds military powers would allow me to present their nations history with proof in accordance to their standards now, and strip the righteousness from their garb.

To all the bloggers I’ve loved, there is recent conflict in Turkey. 😉

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There are certain situations a man can become obsessed of a woman from another race or culture. The media can present those woman to a person. Eva Mendes, Maggie Q, or any of the dark complected girls from any CW television network productions will be examples used for this post. I’ve always thought a person can’t hate another person because that people is the perfect them, but not being perfect can subject a person vulnerable to judgement. I include these woman due to the nature of the entertainment productions they were affiliates of, and the nature of content those presentations. A person can feel admired as a result of any content appearing like an obscure insinuation of having those womans favor.

The fruit of imperfection growing from the seed of disorder and fantasy. The straight and narrow path lead us into deliverance from the unknown, and false infatuations for appeal of the physical world still obstructs the new path, and we stand on the threshold of perfect and imperfect things. For sustenance of our inheritance the things subjecting us to a less perfect path are not acceptable. For the things people can obsess about, we can read and write in accordance to the object of our obsession. Thus! We will stand for another lifetime as generations before us had, in the threshold of judgment. As a deed done unto our Mistress of despair, and for their persistence we accept the object of our obsession when presented. For perfection of disorder we hate them, and for imperfection we are bound to adore those objects.

Until each person can grasp the entirety of their ambitions, let our objects be in-garlanded by blossoming fruit from our masters garden. Let the deliberate imperfections we witness wear their crown of thorns but not with vainglory.

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Seldom is heard the philosophy for why a person should sacrifice anything. Today I cannot fathom a reason for  the male gender proclaiming a need to act according to the cliché of the gender. If being a man required drinking booze, or writing standards for everyone else to follow my actions might be beyond violent. Because my college education has proven my proclamations as a man I need to dominate the things I’m influenced to believe are mine. I do recall the tale of Christ, and his separating the things of God and Caesar. For survival a man acts, but there are those who refuse to act as men. The cliché demands much from humbled hearts, and resolved only from violent acts. I have heard the tale.

Violent acts from this nations military outnumber my own. This group has adorned righteousness on countless occasions undeserving, for the assumed survival of their culture. many men must stand accused of their incompetence due to the symbology of each militant merit. The difference between military culture and myself is definition of the inheritor. One fights another man’s war, and the other, rejected from war. One being employed by players of the game, the robbed and obscured from being employed. One occupying territory,and the other denied possessive rights.

Despite being the proverbial symbol of righteousness, the only sense of gratification I’ve received is from someone elses rendering. Perhaps the prodigal should adopt the cliché resulting in being adored by the opposite gender. Being adored because of illusion for self-righteousness. I can only wonder how knowing I manipulated someone into believing my tale of heroism could feel. Maybe how to feel from selling an obscure legacy belonging to someone else. Perhaps those “men” share my curiosities for the sense of independence. Perhaps “men will never know the role of a man until he acts like a man.

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Xbox 360 has re-defined all things obscure. While venturing into the simulated world of video game racing, I note any and all related game content after comparing game content during gameplay.  From EA  Need For Speed titles we acquire an obscured association to junior, Maggie Q and swag. In accordance to all suspicious game content from those titles, Microsoft’s recent addition to their popular racing  title also uses similar content. The use of the Nissan, and “top-secret” ground effects, Microsoft employees the idea of entertaining any obscure theme an active imagination conducts. I still cannot evade being influenced to think about the Fast And Furious film titles. Considering race cars are race cars, and all the previous tiles mentioned are relative topic titles.

All these titles are wonderful. I’m disappointed, because of the in-stability of evidence I’ve gathered. The game producers can add content, and alter content any-time.Chance of being consumed by delusion increases due to the ability a person obtains from owning a television network. That person could have audio manipulated for their own benefit. Because I’m a lively , and active person, I’ll continue enjoying those titles.

Many champions adorn righteousness. Many undeserving. Women! Wear your Swag!

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