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Despite my expectations of witchcraft and sorcery, I’ve seen only a few indications during The Secret Circle episodes, related to a personal hypothesis about magic. No real obscure metaphor in the script of this production, but the vague similarities of my own devices. Cassie Blake is the only character performing acts relatively similar to common lore about mysticism and magic. Many characters have adorned garments fashioned in your favorite hue of blue, and maybe not for any euphoric insinuation. CW, has presented another fundamental means of imaginative influence for viewers. However, not as obvious as the Supernatural production but ” TV to blog about, ” never the less. I’m anxious about the new season, and the waits between seasons were ridiculously long. From a personal perspective, I believe the upcoming season will present a euphoric gateway for complex egos and imaginations of  viewers.


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Vampires and the lore about vampires intrigue me. The Vampire Diaries idea and concept of life with vampires in this production are equally entertaining. I do confess of taking the opportunity to view this CW production due to the sometimes obscure episodes of other CW productions. The only obscurity I discovered in association to my original purpose for viewing is a connection between the movie feature ” Wanted, ” and one episode from last season. Despite my anticipated motive for viewing, I discovered a reasonable story about reasonable characters. The Vampire Diaries is broadcast during Thursday evening hours.

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In the beginning is the third planet. For this planet a place of perfection a force created perfection. Because of the knowledge of this physical place, I believe we were a perfect creation. Because numbers don’t lie, we might be compelled to mediate things of the world to future generations using perfect imperfection. From the bible are tales defining the tribulations of imperfect men. Men struggling to reach the closest judgement of perfection in accordance to the standards of a creator. Through nothing but the holy trinity, we rectify our degree of perfection to such a being. For perfect sin we’re restrained from our sins. I believe non-believers are creating imperfect products for the glory of their perfect governing intellect. Accepting influence from their ego and not the legacy. Those vain people are the threshold between reconciliation of sins and acceptance of our imperfections. Due to technology, people have opportunity for near perfection. Today, humanity creates some things in a deliberate imperfect fashion. Because sloth is also a deadly sin, acceptance of the socialists deeds is a considerate acceptance for that persons imperfection. The path we choose is also a consideration. Because I believe everyone is subject to judgement for their misdeeds I would choose the character of a suitable sinner. Due to my name being of the first covenant, I can only accept Christ as the Christ, not a hero. Perfection is a very small obstacle in humanities path. In regard of perfection, time perfected for our technological fields. Now those deliberate imperfections we must endure due to recession of our collective soul. For an imperfect sin I have the concept of a mistress. For that concept, I can read and write variety of writings. Wrath, envy, and strife are sins we all endure, they are obstacles between us and the things desired of. The old testament has left me under the impression sexual lust for the flesh, and admiration of the flesh are not wrong. Our misdeeds, and afflictions were more averting than any deed man could ever do. Children are born into an imperfect realization of who they are, and who they desired to become. They are born into a world of misdeed and corruption of other egos. All things need method along with means of survival. Not all minds have developed a definitive boundaries of knowledge for their egos function.Our indifferences often leave us standing betwixt the needs for existence of others. Many people acquire knowledge to accommodate their egos for survival despite the things they truly want. Suppose a person never wanted to suffer the euphoria of strife, or of the things that person is ambitious toward. In a manic state, we stand as fruit of the harvest. Seeking a perfect place to exercise our imperfect lives. Some shall hide from the imperfections of others, on account of our imperfect unity. Without perfect race, or perfect perception of humanity, we are also the seed of euphoria. Accepting our mania for our own perception of this parallax state being overwhelmed by our realization of harmony. A life line providing opportunity for perfect sinners. Wanting the pleasant things we discover of ourselves in an equally euphoric state of conscious or being overwhelmed by the concept of betrayal.

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